Spoiler Delete Kit

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Beau, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. i wish i knew where to look around here, but i dont :(
  2. You won't care since you're not in a ricer mood. They used body filler (Bondo), sanded it smooth and then painted it.
  3. i was joking :rolleyes:
  4. I will have that option. I didn't want to take off my spoiler and fill the holes. I'd rather have an extra lid then If I decide to sell the car I would be able to put it back to stock.
  5. You wouldn't believe it if I told you. I wanted a extra lid for this purpose. So i searched locally and came up empty. Inquired with a couple of used parts dealers for Mustangs, way to pricey for the intended build purpose. Then by dumb luck decided to look on E-BAY. And low and behold a guy in Queens had one for that price. He also had other parts too.

  6. damn that really is dumb luck..last time i searched EBay, there wasn't anything, and the ones i've found on other sites are like $650 so that isn't worth it..what i'm going to do i think is post a notice at JBA and ask if anyone wants to trade..

    btw: i'm from Sunnyside originally :nice:
  7. 2.19$,,,,,,lucky you, here it s 3.50$ :(
  8. oooooh, for 91 octane 4.00$ :bang:
  9. what is that converted to american money?
  10. Well, I was debating on what CAI I could put on to get the horse up to 300 hp, but I figured a sticker or two on the rear window would do the same (at least it would LOOK at lot faster :p ). As far as the cat-back, I just figured I had to throw that into another thread on SN since it doesn't seem to be talked about enough. :D
  11. so you're saying you just need a CAI to get up to 300 hp? would that be FWHP or RWHP? and you're right, stickers make your car so much faster..and the bigger the sticker, the more hp/tq you get..its a proven fact, and i've seen results from ricerboyz dyno company.
  12. MWHP=RWHP + #stickers / BHP, taking into consideration the rear window humidity level
  13. i should have guessed :rolleyes: i guess i'm slipping on my ricer calculations
  14. Don't worry...you'll get over it. Just get some more window stickers and it will all be clear enough to you. Be careful, though, as these will lower the rear window humidity level.
  15. i guess so...i just have to get over to pepboys to get some stickers. nothing like a big "NOS" sticker to add horsepower
  16. Pep Boys rules! It just oozes of HP when you walk through the front door. I love the way they display the high-torque air fresheners right next to the cashiers. As soon as you walk into the neon section, you can just feel the wind rushing through your hair from the boost it gives. Still can't find the delete kit though,but never fear, I will find it.
  17. i already told you the part numbers for the spoiler delete kit: 45812 and 45490

    the best part about pepboys is that they sell the tornado there..along with the plastic spinner hubcaps
  18. Those part #s don't come with a sticker! But I think those spinners will make up for it. Many thanks.
    Tornado...is that the vacuum they sell that plugs into your cigarette lighter?