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  1. no the tornado is a brillant device that makes a tornado of air in your intake and it adds 26.6166 hp and 3236616.72 mpg to your stock set up. theres an infomercial so you know it must be legitimate.
  2. Dude...I'm buying one. I am gonna smoke the tires off this bad boy.
  3. be careful because with all the extra horsepower you could snap your axle very easily...i'd recommend maybe putting stickers on your axle and driveshaft to help strengthen it..
  4. :eek:
  5. and its at pepboys! that place has everything!
  6. Around 3.00$US, still expensive :D
  7. I just used large zinc bolts, washers, and nuts, to fill in the holes.

    Looks kool, to me.
  8. ya that is expensive :(
  9. I know I started it, but lets stay on topic please.
  10. i think this thread has run it's course...next week i'll get some more plugs and some touch up paint and silicone sealer and get everything looking nice
  11. Do what I did....

    I got some vinyl circles at a sign shop (really cheap), and painted them with the factory touch up paint. I waited for it to dry, and then stuck them over the holes.

    That way, nothing sticks up off the surface of the lid. Cheap fix.
  12. hmmm that might be what i should do..as it is, i have these little plastic plugs that barely stick up at all and once they get painted i think they'll be ok...that is until i find someone who wants to trade decklids
  13. :OT: The heck with the spoiler mod. WHats that in your garage a Cali. Edition stang looks sweet from that shot. :nice:
  14. 17's x 8.5's from www.performancewheeloutlet.com (great company)
    $150 ea. now. fronts= 245/45 rears 275/45's.
    thanks ! I love it. It gets tons of looks :D
    :scratch: :(
    It's like 4 bolts. Very easy, just be carefull if you do it that when you remove the ends of the shock absorbers things that push/hold the lid open, you hold the lid open well, or it'll slam shut. Happened to me, and chipped the fiberglass on the lid b/c the shock things got closed in it on both sides - He didn't care he was so excited to get the spoiler for free. I was like OMG !:eek: Unfortunately I never messed with changing out the locks, but I don't care b/c I use the remote to open it anyway, and it has that cable inside I could use to open it if absolutely necessary by pulling the back seat down. Maybe one day I'll get him to switch them out. Couldn't figure it out though.
    buy a "GT" badge from Ford - No biggy it's basically a sticker, so it could be removed easily as well. I like not having it for now w/o the spoiler. Looks very clean. My longtubes, o/r X, and magnaflow catback could never be mistaken for a V6 anyway ! 3.5in. tips + no spoiler = :drool:
    my 68 - w/ 67 Shelby taillights. Eleanor fornt end just added. Needs True blue paint job ! Here's a pretty good thread on my 68 -

  15. I like the spoiler pic better :(