Spoiler Delete....need help!!

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Shalenboy, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. I took the wing off of my Cobra and need to fill the holes in the trunk. I know I saw a thread where someone was selling homeade caps for them, but I searched for it and couldn't find anything. :mad: Anyone know of a way to patch the decklid without it looking ghetto??
  2. FWIW, you could also try going to a hardware store. They should carry the caps or plugs that you are looking for. :shrug:
  3. Yeah, I was hopin someone had already done the fabricating for me but I will go ahead and try the ol Home Depot, BTW...what does FWIW mean???
  4. FWIW=for what it's worth

    I just went to the dealer and got some of the plugs that hold the interior pieces on(the christmas-tree looking things) and used some silicone to hold them in and waterproof things when I had my wing off...
  5. That's a good idea. Thanks man.
  6. What's wrong with gaffer tape?
  7. double post...my bad
  8. Oh nothin, the gaffer tape is money......next time I'm in your garage, I'm gonna wrap your entire car in it smart ass! :owned:
  9. Pep Boys has them. I bought them there when I took off my spoiler on my 2000 GT. Pack of 5 cost around $2.99.
  10. Pep Boy's has caps that fit the holes in the decklid?? Sweet, do they have different colors??
  11. The only color I believe they carry is black. That's what I used. I'm not sure if you can paint them or not.I tried to paint them with my touch up paint but the paint just peeled off when I attempted to put them in. Maybe if you scuff them up a bit to give the paint a better surface to stick to. :shrug: I just installed them as is. The black actually looked good with the green my car was. Black may clash a bit with your white. :(
  12. They have those plugs in white too...just look around at Autozone or even try going to the dealer...They gave me some of those plugs for free, and I know in the parts box they kept them in there were all sorts of colors of them...
  13. I used stainless steel carriage bolts.

  14. do you have any closer pics of those bolts???
  15. I think you should go to the V6 board and offer to trade a trunk lid with someone who wants the spoiler and has a car that's the same color. Some GT and Cobra +99 owners do the same trade with rear bumbers when installing side exhaust kits.
  16. Eventually I'll either buy a second deck lid w/no wing from the factory or an S281 wing. This was the $5 alternative, & I still prefer it to the OEM wing.
  17. My car came with no wing :nice: