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  1. We removed a pair of rear spoilers from our GTs this past weekend...and my 02's spoiler had a bunch of water in it. It's been sitting on the HOT back porch for the past couple of days, in various positions and most of the water has drained, but some still remains. And underneath where the spoiler sat on the trunk lid, the paint has bunchs of pin head sized bubbles. :mad: Besides that, the posts seem to have left crud that we've tried to clean with various products and light elbow grease (goo-gone, Meguiars paint cleaner, window cleaner, etc) without much luck. The best part was the Hillman brand nylon hole plugs we found at Lowes (not at Home Depot) - 2X 3/8" and 2X 5/16" fit perfectly and were .87 cents a pair. Someone out here or on MD had pointed us in the right direction for these parts. Unfortunately, they were out of stock on the 3/8" black ones, (and my touch up paint had turned to molasses (at 7pm on Sunday - parts store closed), so I temporarily used a Sharpie, and we used regular touch up paint on my wife's True Blue GT. They come in white or black. Sealed em with clear silicone and wiped any excess. Still, the condition and the quality of the paint underneath the spoiler posts bugs me, but I like the clean look. So this is likely a temporary thing anyway, unless I can find black and true blue trunks, without holes...cheap.
    And I was amazed how light the spoiler actually is...like 2 pounds, that's it.
    I couldn't post this without a couple of pics - but, sorry for the rain spots...it rained yet again today! :bang:
    I'll clean it up by the weekend (depending on what Frances decides to do!) and give you all some better pics...
  2. Here's what I may attempt doing since i've already removed mine. Try to sell the spoiler to someone without one, or outright, and take the trunk to a bodyshop and have it filled and resprayed.
  3. One more pic

    One more pic, of the True Blue...again, my appologies for the rain... Better pics to come.
  4. Try e-bay or a junk yard for a wingless deck lid. My buddy got one on e-bay for his 98 Cobra for $47+ shipping. All he had to do was spray it black.:nice:

    I had mine off for 2 days while it was being painted.:drool: I almost left it off.
  5. i want to do this, the wing doesnt provide any real downforce does it?
    how do i go about it? i dont want a new lid, just to take the wing off. and info would be cool
    by the way twogts4us, nice job!
  6. yeah there were tons of v6ers without wing holes. i love that wingless look tho :nice:
  7. For mine:

    Open trunk. Locate nuts. Use socket to remove nuts. Go to lowe's and get hole plugs. Paint hole plugs. Insert hole plugs into holes. Seal underside of hole plug with silicone. Enjoy.
  8. I wonder what the cost would be? And what would they fill it with? I mean, the holes, IMO, are too big to simply be filled with filler, plus the trunk is fiberglass or plastic or whatever...ya can't simply weld em. So, I dunno... :shrug: ...I'd think filler would crack over time, especially on a horizontial surface, where it is baked by the FL sun.
    Stangnet has one decklid for the SN95G2...a 99-01 version..but it's with the spoiler...used...$350 - (are they nucking futs?)
  9. :lol: HAHA if you were in the garage why didn't you just wipe off the trunk lid with a towel or drying cloth and then take the picture? :shrug:

    As for the hole plug things, I have to agree with the above posts, I would use that only for a temp fix. I would get to a body shop and get it filled and repainted ASAP.
  10. My trunk is metal, so they would weld a small dime-sized piece of metal in there and then go from there. I'll be able to have mine done for about $150, with the 35th-anniversary style blackout painted on, too.

    And $350 is normal price for a used trunklid for these cars. :(
  11. Yeah, this was way simple. We spent more time trying to clean the marks left by the spoiler. But the removal, plugging and touch up stuff was mere minutes.
    As far as downforce...yeah, maybe it provides a tiny bit...at about 120 MPH... :D Seriously, I doubt they engineered this thing much - it's totally cosmetic.
  12. Are you sure about that? :shrug: I don't mean to question you, but I thought all SN95's (at least Gen2, haven't messed with the Gen1) had fiberglass (or composite or whatever!?!?) hoods and trunks.
  13. you know what! you all convinced me, come like next week, im doin this. it just looks so much better, more like my 92(even though that kinda has one), it just looks cleaner. thanks V_Eight, for the walk through. im gonna follow it to the letter
  14. ditto, i thought in like 99 they changed to composite or something? maybe not, but i thought so :shrug:
  15. On my Black GT, the rain has already dried, plus it's supposed to rain again tomorrow and the next day and the next day....plus, I'm lazy right now, just plopped down in front of the PC. (When I first got my GT, belive me, I would have been wiping it down immediately...the obsession has faded) As I said, I'll give you all better pics this weekend.
    I'd like to have a perm fix for this, but the plugs really don't bother me that much - it's the condition of the paint around them that does. But if I can find a trunklid on Ebay (as GT Jay noted) for a decent price ($47 is unreal!), I'd probably go that route rather than take the chance (and pay the price) for the bodyshop's work.
  16. Let me go double check with a small finish hammer.
  17. Sure enough, that sucker is not metal. If it's composite, I can use bondo, if it's fiberglass (which it doesn't feel light enough to be), I will use fiberglass to fill it.

    Live and learn.
  18. Ahhh, that's right - it was your thread or post, wasn't it, KAILUAZ? Didn't you point out the Hillman nylon hole plugs? They are perfect! Thanks, bud!
  19. Yeah they arent metal. Some composite material. I think these cars look good both with and without. Im happy with leaving mine on. Buddy of mine took his spoiler off, and it looks very nice on his.
    I know they arent metal though lol. I tried to play a joke on my g/f the other day by putting one of those magnetic soccer balls on her trunk. Swing and a miss. It would stick to the side, but not the trunk anywhere. Oh well, she got lucky :D.