Spoiler pics!!!!! I was interested in some of s-281, boss, blackwidow or anything!

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  1. Spoiler pics!!! Spoiler Pics!!! One more time!!! Spoiler Pics!!! I have a SR spoiler... And everyone in my town has it so time for new one!!! Let me see what is all out there!!!
  2. Steeda wing

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  3. two cool wings, but for the 3 piece wing on the black car, I dont know where to buy it from and the Saleen, I havent ever seen it on a car.

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  4. Not a fan of that one!
  5. Heres another pic of the 3 piece

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  6. Here is a pic of the black widow spoiler but I am not sure what it would look like without the entire body kit. This is of my brothers car which is used by ground designs for advertising all over the internet.

  7. Hey... Can your bro get me a deal on it??? I found it for 200 and i have to pay shipping... I have black widow front and sides....
  8. 2l8...You gotta learn how to focus a camera! :rlaugh: :lol:

    Here is my "fake" S-351 Wing...I wish I got the Real S-281 now, but for $159, what more can you ask for?

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  9. Clean ride! I jus sick of looking like any other stang nothing against any stang... I jus prefer being different!
  10. It was a buddies camera and for the price of it you think that it would auto focus. Well it will he just had it turned off and I did not realize it.

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  11. I think I know what happened with that( I do have some photography exp).....Looks like the flash didnt go off, so to compensate, the shutter stayed opened longer, which resulted in blurring due to hand shaking.

    The longest that a shutter should be opened WITHOUT using a tripod is 1/60 second. If you have a good camera, and you press the button half way, it will display what aperature and shutter speed will be used. If the shutter speed slower than 1/60 (1/30, 1/15, 1/2, etc) then a tripod and STILL subject is needed. That's why the disposible camera pics are dark and blurred if the flash doesnt go off.

    (oh, wait, this post was supposed to go to shutterbug.net)
  12. heres a few, not flamin ya RC but mines a real saleen s-351 wing, if you really look at mine and RC's there is a difference.
  13. And a couple more.
  14. I kinda like the black widow wing... can you get anymore pics of it Rob? I'd like to see it from different angles. I thought it'd look ricey, but I think it'd look good with my body kit since my rear bumper piece sticks out so far.
  15. Here's one that ground designs used on their website, ad's and all over e-bay. I don't have any more at this moment but seeing as how I see the car all the time I can get more pics of it if you would like them.
  16. i havent made up my mind if i like it or not, its like a cross between rice and muscle.
  17. :lol: i feel the same way
  18. Personally I think the black widow wing is a little too big.
  19. Black widow wing looks great from the front and from angles... But damn how far that thing stick out??? No one has a real good pic of it that really shows... Black widow rear bumper is butt ugly! I like a spoiler that shows it isnt stock!!! But isnt too much rice... NEED MORE PICS!!!
  20. I can get better pics of it this weekend if you would like. But it does not extend past the rear bumper, and I think that it's actually even with it.