Spoiler pics!!!!! I was interested in some of s-281, boss, blackwidow or anything!

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  1. Cant wait to see!!!! I always thought it stuck out further... If it is flush with the rear I might be considering...
  2. the front bumper is kinda cool b/c you can put 2 sets of fog lights in there. but i have alwasy been a fan of that, it sorta reminds me of Elanor, just the extra lights there.
  3. i totaly agree with you.

    i am in need of a new spoiler (just because thats the only bady part left thats stock).

    I'm thinking of maybe a Zenon spoiler but i need some pics to finalize my decision.

    I also like the s-281 and s-351,so :shrug: i dont know.
  4. does anyone have any pics of the s-281 spoiler. any information also? i have always loved that spoiler...
  5. What's a Zenon spoiler... is it the same as the Xenon body kit RC and I have?

    I hope the black widow spoiler sticks out... I always loved the saleen "whale tail" spolier and that black widow reminds me of that in the way it sticks out from the rear.
  6. That is exactly what the black widow wing looks like to me. I think that it reminds me of a a whale tail spolier for our cars. I'll get pics of it first thing on Friday when I get home.
  7. Need more pics of it!!!!!!!!
  8. hahahah. sorry about that. thats what i meant. i dont know what i was on when i wrote that. lol thanks.

    i'll try to get some xenon pics up if i can find some.
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  10. great, nice, wonderful.....now how about some info on the S-281!!!
  11. Not feeling xenon... s-281 and boss i think looks better than that one... jus my 2 cents!
  12. S-281 pics i picked up!
  13. I know I'm not the norm here when I say this, but the S281 does nothing for me... its too thin and small I think and doesn't state "performance" to me. JMHO
  14. I agree with canary, I think it looks sweet from the top view, but every other angle its just too small
  15. I would love to get the 94-95 cobra spoiler because i have always liked the look of that third break light. i just dont want to have these nasty holes in my spoiler because the cobra spoiler isnt a direct fit over the stock spoiler...:(
  16. Thats also my opinion. I favor the s351 wing alot more.
  17. S-281 from the back it looks like there isnt a spoiler... Too small... Thats why I want more pics of the boss one... It looks a lot bigger... But I have a feeling it looks the same from the back...
  18. I kind of like the suttle S-281 wing, and that 3-piece wing I would really like if it was finished a little better(tighter on the edges). Did anybody find out who makes that?
  19. there is always the stallion wing. i don't have any pictures of it. You could always just move your stock spoiler back and inch or so. i'm actually quite fond of the stock spoiler, not to much, not to little.