Spoiler: To delete or not to delete, that is the question

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  1. Any opinions in here on spoilers? I was sure that I was going to delete, but now I'm not so sure. You don't see many deleted. How about on the verts?

    I normally don't like the spoiler, but on the vert the rear end looks a little plain hangin out there all alone.

    Come on Excon-get some controversy stirred up--BMWs don't have spoilers. Somebody post some spoiler deleted pix so we can compare butts.
  2. I am of the school that says spoilers on an 05 are destructive to the lines of the car. I purchased a satin silver gt with no spoiler and I absolutely love it. I think the lines of the car are very strong on their own. I'm a fan of the sleek look. However, color is a major factor in this. "Sportier" colors like yellow or sonic blue might benefit from the spoiler.

    The spoiler only "complicates" the look of the car, unless of course the spoiler is actually beneficial in reducing lift. (as on the new 07 shelby)

    I have not seen a vert with no spoiler, so it's hard to pass judgement. Let's see some pictures...I have seen some color combos (especially with stripes) that the spoiler actually looks really good on. I saw a lime gt the other day with silver stripes, spoiler and it looked amazing.

    let the debate begin
  3. I went with no spoiler but thats because I wanted the Roush spoiler, and I didn't want to fill the holes of the stock spoiler. On coupes the spoiler looks a little out of place with the whole design of the car, but like you said without one on a convertible looks kinda of weird too. I guess the best thing to do would to go to a local dealer and look at any he had on the lot, or find pics of stangs without and with. I think if you are going to go with an aftermarket one just leave it off in the first place.
  4. I have the spoiler but would not order it next time. I like the car's lines better without it.
  5. The spoilers are purely cosmetic, I agree with the above post the ragtops need the spoiler. BMW doesn't put spoilers on the cars simply because they are not needed. In order for your car to utilize a spoiler to reduce lift you gotta be goin REAL FAST, alot faster than anyone can drive in the US. The Boxster has a spoiler but it only activates at 70 MPH
  6. Personally I think the stock spoilers spoils the lines of the car. As such I got mine without the spoiler and I don't miss it one bit.
  7. Come up here you can drive as fast as you want just don't get caught... :D
  8. The red concept vert w/ the roll bar and cool hood does not have a spoiler and it looks nice.

    Has anyone seen a vert w/a ducktail spoiler? I would like to see pix of that if anyone has any.
  9. have you noticed how smooth a line that concept car had - from the hood to the back end is one straight line! (not that the prod model sucks!)

  10. Doesn't Germany have the Autobaun?
  11. I just spent the better part of the day on a Pony Ride with about 120 other Mustang enthusiasts. Of those 120 vehicles very few of the classic 'stangs had spoilers. To me this spoke volumes...
  12. no spoiler on vert?

    Here is a quick comp I created of the Vert configuration I ordered...sans spoiler. (I also p'shopped the wheels I am planning on getting) I think this looks pretty good, but alas, this is only my opinion. :rolleyes: I like the clean lines, even on the convertible.


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  13. Martimus-interesting comment on the classics; I had not considered that, but I will now.

    Rally-nice post; thank-you; I have a redfire gt vert on order w/o the spoiler. That picture confirms what I was hoping, but could not visualize.

    I wonder if the roll bar will be available in the after market?
  14. Damn, that's a nice color combo! and it does look pretty good w/o spoiler!
    What's your order status?

    :( Alas, still c/u :(
  15. If I were you and still deciding, I wouldn't order the car with it. You can always add it later, but now you give yourself more time to look at different styles to pick that one spoiler that fits you.

    Hey, that white with red interior looks really good. Man this is getting hard.

    2000 White Vert
  16. It sure would be nice if the option was "Spoiler Uninstalled" instead of "Spoiler Delete".

    With the "delete" you get nothing. With the "uninstalled", Ford would wrap up the spoiler and leave it in the trunk for you.
  17. Thanks for the nice comments. I've been looking at this image so long it has been burned into my brain. One thing about the image, obviously there has been some lowering here... I will need to swap out the stock springs.

    As for my order, Ordered on 3/8, was told (I know... get an actual order number and check myself :nonono: ) that my order was picked up by Ford on 3/16, scheduled to be built on the week of 3/28... Theoritically it is making its way through the next stages. I expect it to arrive sometime towards the end of the weel of the 11th.

    Still clean and unscheduled? Sorry to hear it :(
    I have to imagine that with Ford ramping up production numbers your's should be picked up by now, or VERY soon!
  18. i keep hoping that one of these days the robot lady will have something to say other than "Clean and Unscheduled" (and always sounding so pleasant while doing it!). the dealer is telling me deliver around memorial day; i guess time will tell!

    there's something inherently wrong with paying more to get less! :notnice:
  19. Look on the bright side-if your order gets delayed much longer it may end up being an 06 model which might eliminate some of the problems we've been hearing about.

    After reading some 05 owners complaints I actually thought about waiting for 06 models.

    What about ducktail spoilers on verts? Anyone w/ pix?

    Hey Rally-why don't you do a computer comp of your white vert w/ a ducktail
  20. I like mine much better without..........

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