Spoiler: To delete or not to delete, that is the question

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  1. if i had the choice, i would have done spoiler delete. this year, for some fantastically stupid reason, the Canadian ford marketing geniuses decided that ALL 05s, V6 and GT, HAVE to come with a spoiler and that you cannot choose "spoiler delete". needless to say, my dealer tried to pull some strings to no avail, and I've contacted Ford with a "strongly worded" letter.

    we'll see if anything happens but worse comes to worse, i remove it, plug the holes and repaint. all for the want of a check mark on a piece of paper.

  2. Yes I'm pretty sure it is.
  3. [QUOTE='01SilverBullet]Any car built before 1985 1/2 does not have to have a third brake light. And no you don't have to add it if you have a car older than that. That's just not true at all.[/QUOTE]

    That's just not true at all??? Where did that come from........who said anything about 1985? I thought we were talking about 2005?
  4. Can you say "prejudice"? Some people can't appreciate any heritage other than their own. I've lived here (LA and Orange County) all of my life and I love that fact that we have a diverse culture and the best whether in North America! Where else can you find an old Tastee-Freeze or Pup-n-Taco building owned by a Korean family that sells hamburgers, tacos, chinese food and ice cream? I kid you not, I saw a Mexican Restaurant the other day in Fullerton that also had advertising in Korean on the window! If you don't like it, I suggest Bismarck or Fargo North Dakota. They're both very white bread. There's definitely no crust there.

    I will enjoy my convertible and I won't be blaming someone whose skin is a different color than mine if I'm involved in an accident.

    By the way, TEXAS was actually called Norte Mexico...not California.
  5. Just like removing an emisions part on a controlled vehicle, it is illegal to remove or disconnect the 3rd brake light. The law was issued to combat rear end
    collisions and Im glad it was written.

    Anyways, I am a fan of spoilers on mustangs, I appreciate it more when the trunk and rear end doesnt look like that of a sedan's. You could always order with the spoiler delete and get the CDC Ducktail though, its pretty sweet.

  6. [QUOTE='01SilverBullet]Cool everyone hates California. Stop moving here then, we'd love it. It's crowded enough.

    Yeah my parents bought their house in the San Fernando Valley for $44,000 in 1969. They still live in it, and it was recently appraised at $1.2 million. Quite a return on an investment. :) The price of housing is out of control here that is for sure. Wouldn't trade So Cal weather for anything however, and wouldn't live anywhere else. So to each his own.[/QUOTE]

    Amen! I remember in the 80s when people were fleeing the rust belt to our fair state there was a popular bumper sticker that said..."Welcome to California. Now go home!". Housing is expensive here but have you tried NYC or Honolulu? They're worse! I bought my place in '92 for $220k and it's tripled in value since then. Of course I'd have to sell it to realize the gain. That's why people hate California transplants. We move to their town with our pockets full of money, buy a mansion for 1/3 of what we sold our shack for and drive up the price of real estate for the locals. In fact, a friend of mine sold his house in Newport Beach and purchased the entire state of Nebraska with the profits! :rlaugh:
  7. Prejudice.......comes in many forms....mine has nothing to do with skin color, just the truth.
    A Mexican restaurant with Korean writing......we are in America, not Korea.
    Pup-n-Taco........the name says it all...........
    I have lived in California all my life as well, and all I see is it going to hell.......
    I love seeing my tax money going to the welfare system......fine for the people who truly need help....temporarily.......not as a way of life. It is like saying "Ohhh 3 kids isn't enough.....go ahead and pop out 4 more...we would love to give you more $$$$$".
    I love paying thousands of $$$ each year for auto insurance......I have to pay extra to cover the "uninsured motorists".
    How about health care........I had to take my daughter to the hospital for a broken ankle......I have health insurance...that I pay for....the wait was over 4 hours.......why, because the people who do not have health insurance use the emergency room as a Dr.'s office.......
    If that is what you call a diverse culture........I don't want any part of it........

    Now as far as your "WHITE BREAD" comment..........my husband..........he goes to work, pays his taxes, pays insurance, supports his family, feeds his dog.......and he is MEXICAN!!!
  8. First of all, you need to relax. So angry.

    Second of all, your posts have implied that ALL cars must have a third brake light, and that isn't true. Cars built before 1985 1/2 are not required to. If you weren't implying that, then my apologies. If you were, then yes you're wrong. In 2005, there are cars from 1984 still on the road.
  9. Wldchic, seems pretty simple to me...M-O-V-E. Or don't live in Temecula. :)
  10. Hold on a minute...I had to check my map to make sure because based on your comments, for a second I thought Temecula was actually in Mississippi or Alabama.

    If you're paying thousands of dollars for insurance each year, you're either young, have a bad driving record, an exotic car or all of the above. I have 3 cars (all relatively new) and I pay about 1600/year with 250/500 liability and 1000 deductible comp/collision. Maybe you should change carriers.

    As far as waiting in an emergency room is concerned, you should try the UK which has the same system of socialized medicine that the Clinton administration wanted us to have. You'll be waiting longer and in some cases you won't get what you're seeking...EVER. You're fortunate to have insurance and so am I. Not everyone does and many of those people are legal citizens. They don't have it because they can't afford it. Now, if you didn't have a job or insurance and your daughter broke her ankle, what would you do? I suppose we could make them "sit in the back of the bus" because they're uninsured while "we", the privately insured receive the services first "in the front of the bus" because we are more deserving. :rolleyes:

    By "white bread" I meant bland...starchy...bleached...no variety, no flavor....not necessarily "white". I don't want to live in any city where there's only one ethnicity...white, black, hispanic or asian. I know people of every one of these colors that do the same things your husband and I both do. They're called good citizens and it has nothing to do with the color of their skin. Lets face it, your comment about being rear-ended by an illegal alien halucinating about an image of the Virgin Mary on a freeway sign was as biased as saying "white people can't dance" or "jewish people are cheap"...you get the picture. So, say what you will about people who use social services but don't predicate it with the color of their skin. There are plenty of folks from every nationality standing in line for aid.

    If you hate California so much, there are 49 states in this union to consider (and I'm sure none of them have welfare or emergency room lines :rolleyes: ). I'm sure they'd be happy to have you and trade us for one of their "tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door.".

    By the way, I had to lie and include two of my neighbors kids on my application for welfare so that I could get more money to buy my new Mustang! I tell you, the USofA is going to hell in a handbasket... :rlaugh:
  11. With that said. I say delete the spoiler.
  12. Oval, some people think when they "know" someone who is a ethnicity other than white (like we all don't right?), they somehow believe they've earned a warped right to make ignorant, prejudicial statements. Like when somebody says "Jews are cheap, but I can say that because my best friend is Jewish." It's that type of stupidity.

    I'm sorry to take this thread off topic, I was just really put off by some of the ignorance I read earlier. My apologies.

  13. Me too. 54V all the way. But it's much more fun to talk about racism, socio-economics and public policy. The "spoilers" of society.
  14. [QUOTE='01SilverBullet]Oval, some people think when they "know" someone who is a ethnicity other than white (like we all don't right?), they somehow believe they've earned a warped right to make ignorant, prejudicial statements. Like when somebody says "Jews are cheap, but I can say that because my best friend is Jewish." It's that type of stupidity.

    I'm sorry to take this thread off topic, I was just really put off by some of the ignorance I read earlier. My apologies.[/QUOTE]

    I concur Bullet. Sometimes you read something that is so sour and ignorant that it demands an appropriate response.
  15. Here Here! :nice:
  16. A little ooff topic I know but;

    I hear that Ford.CA will have the spoiler Delete option for 2006
  17. REALLY?

    i only ordered my car near the end of March so who knows when i'll get it. If that's the case...maybe I should wait?

    Screw that - I'm really bad at waiting. :notnice:

    I'm just really really hoping that I hear back from Ford.

    Edit: I heard back from Ford (sorry this is long):

    Thanks for nothing, Ford.
  18. I look at it like this...

    Spoiler on a consumer car is for the most part cosmetic. Consider it a fashion statement.

    The day Volkswagaon released the "Turbo Beatle" with a tiny automated spoiler that pops out from it's rear - the spoiler died. To further burry the spoiler into the ground, one just need look at the current WRX STI. A very fine well performing car with giant hemeroid attached to it's caboose.

    Since about the 1960s, long hair was synonymous with the hard core music underground. The about 1986, Bon Jovi's hair became more popular than it's music. Soon after "Hair Metal" bands with no real talent flourished for a few years and hair as a representation of the hard-core musical underground was doomed (and so died about 4 years later in 91).

    Spoilers are a thing of the past, unless they serve a true functional need on some high performance cars.

    The 80s are over. Cut your mullet.
  19. Perhaps the finest analogy I have seen in a LONG time. :hail2: Brilliant!