Spoiler: To delete or not to delete, that is the question

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  1. what happened to your center emblem? :shrug:
  2. I removed it, and had the holes filled at the same time.
  3. I think I'll paint it black

    anybody seen pics or can do chops so we can see , say a black spoiler on a windveil blue gt?
    thoughts on that? :D
  4. All just IMO, but the spoiler delete looks better than the stock spoiler. Even better than that is CDC's duck tail with their replacement third brake light, although I'm curious to see what it looks like from the inside of the car.

    Not to defend wldchic or get in anyone's hair, but the previous illegal alien discussion struck a nerve with me. Call me a stupid redneck from Texas, but I don't care for uninsured motorists, people unwilling and unable to pay for healthcare, and people who think they have a right to a free education (for them, but citizen taxpayers end up paying for it) as non-citizens. There are people that aren't illegal aliens from Mexico that are doing this in the U.S., but undeniably, most of the perpetrators are, in fact, illegal aliens from Mexico.

    Quote the plaque on Ellis Island all you want, but it was referring to people who actually wanted to be citizens - who wanted to integrate themselves into the American way of life. Most illegals make no such effort. Many of them send their money back home across the border and hurt our economy. They learn just barely enough English to get by - or less - even though English is the language the majority here speaks in everyday life.

    This is not to say that I don't want people to be Americans, but I'd sure appreciate it if they'd apply for citizenship and at least pretend to give a crap about America instead of just caring about what the foreign country they're leeching off of can do for them.
  5. Well, I'm 51-49 in favor of the spoiler. It's a sports car and a spoiler just goes with it. It looks good too.

    As for without, it looks good also, but it reminds me too much of a seabring.

    Everyone that I know loves the spoiler and thinks it looks "dumb" or as I interpret it, a sedan, without it.
  6. According the the California Vehicle Code Section 26000, it would appear that we only need two lights... :nice:


    Strange how CHP has given up on citing the "White Euro Light" kits on cars. I guess too many Euro Kits and too many other problems to work on.

  7. My two cents:

    I prefer the spoiler and have it on mine. I just feel the back end doesn't looks right (to me) without it.

    I love living in Southern California and I have no problem at all with legal immigration.

    However, it's pretty obvious that illegal immigration is killing our state financially. In addition to what illegal aliens cost us in health care costs, welfare and education, the financial strain placed on the criminal justice system is enormous. They say over one third of California state prison inmates are illegals.

    And while I'm adding my two cents, I hope our government gets serious about controlling our borders sooner rather than later. I shudder to think how many terrorists are already in place inside our country after illegally crossing our southern border.

  8. I agree with you about the spoiler. While it does look good without it, I think the spoiler helps give it the sports car look. It's something that defines that genre (mostly). Either way it works, but it's personal opinion. Without looks slick but sedan and seabring like to me. With looks fast and race/sports car look. I also think the spoiler adds to the unique look of the rear of the car. Just another feature to oogle over.
  9. A Sebring? That's a pretty harsh comparison for a stang. I don't think it's possible to make a stang look comparable to a sebring no matter what you add or take off.

    BTW, how did we manage to work illegal immigration into a discussion about spoilers on mustangs?
  10. I was all set to buy my 05 without the spoiler. I'd been checking inventories for weeks, looking for a Sonic Blue with the Interior Sport Appearance Package and without the Exterior Sport Appearance Package. No joy.

    Finally found a Sonic Blue with both packages and all the other options I wanted. Decided to have a look. Test drove the car at lunch one day.

    Surprisingly, when I saw it in person I didn't mind the spoiler. After I got back from the test drive, I looked at the salesperson and said, "I ain't gettin' out of this car." Bought it right then and there.

    Guess I could have ordered my Mustang without the spoiler, but now that I've gotten used to the spoiler, I actually like it. As far as spoilers go, it isn't obnoxious, like a wing or a whale tail. It's almost discreet.
  11. My car was shipped 5/10 and now i"m wishing I had deleted the spolier.. Big deal to do it after the fact? :bang: :bang:
  12. Here is a couple of pics of my gt vert with the spoiler. It is going in the paint shop next week for stripes. I will post pics after it's done. Stripes with the spoiler look awesome IMHO. I hope this helps... :cheers:

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  13. Being in great white Canada, just think of it as a snow deflector for the guy tailgating you.
  14. Hey Rob05gtvert-Silver looks nice w/ red interior. After starting this thread and ordering my gt vert w/ no spoiler I am still undecided on the issue. I chose spoiler delete, but I don't think it looks bad either way.

    Maybe the appearance is in the eye of the beholder/owner, which is how it should be. :shrug:

    I still want to see a picture of a vert w/ an aftermarket ducktail spoiler.
  15. I did not delete the spoiler - I like it. Either way, it looks great. It's a toss up. Get the spoiler, take off and fill holes later. Delete the spoiler, spend $$ to drill holes. I need a jet-pack replacement package.
  16. What about washing a car with a spoiler? My 03 GT was a pain the way it held water and there wasnt enough room to wash or dry between the spoiler and the decklid. Seems the delete or a ducktail would cure this problem.

    ps - why is it that the persons who are infuriated about an illegal alien comment(the truth) were the first to bring racial slurs to the argument. I take great offense to being called a "gringo". If you dont wish to be racially descriminated against, then you shouldnt do it yourself.
  17. Agreed...I like the spoiler, particularly on the convertibles.
  18. Being a former Ford dealer tech, I can comment on both the 3rd brake light and spoiler installation issues.

    Here in NY, a 3rd brake light is required on any car 86 and up. It's part of the state inspection. So if you don't have one, technically you fail inspection. However, since it's a visual done by the tech, it's really up to him if he wants to let you slide.

    As for the spoiler, they are almost ALWAYS installed at the DEALER. The cars come from Ford with the spoiler in the trunk or back seat, and they are installed by the new car prep guy. I can't say if Ford is still doing this on the 05s, but that's how it was with all other previous years. If you have a car on order that hasn't come in yet, simply ask your salesman if they install them there, and then if so just ask them to not put in on :nice: .

    Hope this helps.

    BTW, anyone in the NY area with Sonic Blue GT wanna swap trunk lids for one with a spoiler? I bought my car off the lot with the spoiler already on it, but I want to put a different spoiler on and would like to not have the old holes.
  19. Robs05gtvert, those are aftermarket 18'" fans right? looks great, my dad is ordering a '06 in toungsten w/ 18s and red interior (and he's getting rid of a BMW 5 series sport)

    on spoiler or not:
    -I ordered and have a black '05 GT w/o spoiler and it gets complements all the time

    -the color of the car and personel pref. always applies to how spoiler looks

    -my car is much easier to wash, wax and dust

    -I have test drivin a 05 w/spoiler and at my height (5' 9") the spoiler is a blind spot

    -the GTs come from factory w/ spoiler instaled, don't know about V6's

    -the dominating Ford and non Ford sponsered '05 Mustangs racing in Grand Am Cup have no spoilers, (they do at least 170mph) for the most part the whole body is stock
  20. well, with the vert's, you can't see the spoiler behind the top when its down, so it's all moot for me! personally, i like the spoiler on my car - think it would look goofy without it. but that's me!