Spolier or not to spoiler?

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  1. Anybody have any pics of their new 05 with the spoiler delete? I'm considering making a change to my order and delete the spoiler but I haven't seen the car without yet so I'm undecided.

  2. My Sonic blueGT

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  3. mistake

    should have left the spoiler on ,, it looks flat, and boring... people are going to add to these cars no take away,,,, stripes,,, etc,
  4. It's in the eye of the beholder I guess.....I would have preferred the Ducktail(AKA 67/68 Shelby) but not to be.
  5. Thank you Rifleman, do you have any more pics like from behind and from a front-corner view?
  6. Yes, but I'll have to reduce them . I 'll put them up later in the day.
  7. Nah, It looks better without. I think what you mean by flat, and boring is more like clean and uncluttered. Yeah, I suppose your right, people will add a bunch of stuck on cladding all over the car ruining the clean lines IMO. To each his own I guess. :shrug:

    Beautiful Sonic Blue Rifleman. :)
  8. wings are for airplanes.
    i don't remember a wing on a 65-68 mustang. i think it looks like an after thought, and personally will order mine without it.
  9. At first I liked the spoiler. Now I don't care one way or the other--it is OK, but not perfect.

    When I order mine this spring I'll go without, since by then there should be plenty of aftermarket spoilers (e.g. nice ducktail or something else) and I don't want to have to patch holes in the trunk lid.
  10. Thanks, heres a few more

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  11. 2 more

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  12. I'm thinking no spoiler because I think a ducktail would look sweet
  13. looks naked w/o a spoiler
  14. love it without :nice:
  15. Thanks again Rifleman. I think I do like the spoiler after all. The car does look a little plain without it, albeit cleaner.

    Does ford give you any credit to delete it?
  16. It looks great Rifleman :nice:

    Better w/o spoiler

    Sonic Blue is awesome, I can't belive that Ford is taking Sonic blue away from us after this year. :notnice:
  17. Yes, you get a credit of $0. :rlaugh:
  18. I defenitely prefer no spoiler.

    Now, why is ford doing away with sonic blue? Im awaiting the 06 model (not just because, but due to the fact that I will be graduating college this spring, and then able to afford one...) and definitely prefer sonic blue to the other colors.