Spolier or not to spoiler?

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  1. Because Sonic Blue has been around since mid 2002 model year. Ford changes the colors in 3-4 years so they don't get stale.

    I'm in the same boat as you, I've decided to wait for a 2006, maybe a SE, but unless the replacement for Sonic Blue is as nice, I may be tempted to get a 2005.
  2. I am leaning towards the Sonic Blue but I have yet to see one in person :(
    The only colors I have seen are black, redfire, mineral gray and white. That's the order that I like the colors so far.

    Now, if we can get paint chips on the 4 new colors that would be great!
  3. Thanks again guys, The 05 is an AWESOME car, I 've got a couple more shots showing the Bullitt and 05 rears.

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  4. Last one

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  5. NO spoiler!! It spoils the looks! There is not a more tacky,useless thing on a car than a spoiler. It's rare that a car would ever actually need one('00 cobra R).If it's useless,it shouldn't be on the car,thank god this new mustang(except for the fake gas cap) has exorcised some of the fake scoopery nonsense of the last one.
    I just hope ford doesn't drop the spoiler delete option for '06,when i can buy my stang.
  6. I'll have to side with the majority here and like the clean looks without the surf board. Nice Pics Rifleman.
  7. Rifleman,
    Are my eyes deceiving me? Are the rear quarter windows different, at least in the pics, between the Sonic Blue and Black Stang? The Dox Matrix and slope looks differerent also.....

    ref: the 05sonic blue 028 pic
  8. I like them without, but thats just me
    Here's mine I just got it yesterday

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  9. Huh??? Of course there different....ones a 2001 Bullet GT and the Sonic Blue is the restyled 2005 Mustang GT.
  10. I must be getting tired. :bang: :bang: I was only zoning in on the spoilerless trunks and quarter windows....
  11. Here's mine it doesn't have a spoiler.

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  12. Rifleman, what are the wheels on your sonic blu? factory standard or optional?
  13. They are the standard GT wheels, They are similiar to the "old" Bullitts but have a different offset to the outside.
  14. Thanks Rifleman for the info on the wheels, I do believe I prefer the standard GT's.
  15. Golfer is your car mineral gray or silver?

  16. Fake gas cap?!? The people at Ford prefer to call it a medallion ahem... ahem...
  17. great shot..ur keeping the bullit right ?
  18. After all of this discussion I have changed my order,to delete spoiler. I know I want the eleanor kit when it is done and dont want to worry about where the factory holes are gonna be.
  20. There more I look at the GT without the spoiler, the more I like it!