Spolier or not to spoiler?

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  1. I don't really care either way. Both look good to me.

    I think spoiler-less cars look good lowered with some fat tires out back. That's the look that seems to work well with the 99-04 cars.

    I tried to take the spoiler off my '03 for a while but it looked naked so I put it back on. If i ever lower my car and put 18x10 wheels out back, i'll try it again.

    I think the '05 would look better spoilerless with the same treatment.

    But as of right now, i would order mine with a spoiler.

    I'm dying to see some of these '05's modded. I think Ford left a lot to work with. I just haven't seen anything that makes me want to trade in my (paid off) '03 yet. Maybe i'll wait for a '06 Special Edition
  2. Brian, it is mineral gray
  3. Good looking car Golfer. Thats the color I ordered mine in too.
  4. I really like the way it looks without the spoiler! It kind of reminds me of what makes the old 5.0 LX coupes look so clean. The fact that they don't have anything to ruin their clean lines such as a tacky spoiler. I plan on getting a titanium 07' model with the spoiler delete, so I hope they don't get rid of that option. :notnice: to tacky spoiler and :nice: to the clean lines without it. :D :flag: :spot:
  5. Great looking car golfer :hail2:
  6. Personally, I think the car needs a spoiler. And the best I've seen would be the integrated spoiler on this car:

    If MRT starts selling that spoiler, I'd opt for a spoiler delete and buy MRT's instead.
  7. Yes, I'm definitely getting mine without a spoiler, but I'm going to be checking out all the different ducktails that come out. I thingk with a simple splitter on the front chin and a ducktail the car will be awesome!

    Waiting on the 18" rims to order my Sonic Blue GT (spoiler deleted)
  8. oliver

    oliver must be a queen for those remarks,,, obviously it looks better with the spoiler,,,
  9. I took an independent poll, and found that 99.9% of guys with mullet haircuts preferred the rear spoiler. Polling guys WITHOUT mullet haircuts, it was 50-50. :D

    Myself, I like 'em both ways, but tend to think the no-spoiler is a more pure-business clean approach. The spoiler is kinda foo-foo-ish, like wearing a cape in public. And I also agree that when you go for the big wheel/tire, lower stance look, the non-spoiler look is DEFINATELY more aggressive.
  10. My opinion is this...

    Spoilers officially jumped the shark when they put one on a VW Beattle Turbo and the STI's spoiler rose about 6 inches above the roof of the car.

    I want slick, sleek, and fast. **** the fluff bullcrap. No lines or painted on fire (look, if I have flames coming from my car I'm going to stop and get the hell away from it).
  11. Amen. It gets to a point where "aggressive" add-ons are no different than shaving your head, getting two arm-fulls of tattoo's, throwing a monster gold-chain around your neck, a muscle shirt, and then all of a sudden BELIEVING that by doing all that crap that you're now somehow "tougher" or more aggressive. No, you're just more amusing to beat the crap out of....

    Form follows function.... if it's low with fat tires, by god, it better handle better in the process...
  12. I think I like the looks with the spoiler on my '05 Black GT...

  13. LOL, nice comparison.

    I just like the idea of a spoiler as long as it looks like it belongs. And I'm also an advocate of aerodynamics so my feeling is that downforce is good, and even a conservative spoiler can make a little improvement.

    And so what if I wear a cape in public? :)

    ...and to contradict myself, I do remember how cool the Bullitt looks without a spoiler, so I'm not denying the possibility of a good looking aggressive & spoilerless '05.
  14. Hey, I ordered

    A sonic blue and the vin ends in 669 and I still don't have it yet :shrug:
  15. Brian S and Lacuna thanks. I'm proud of it..lol
  16. NO SPOILER ON MINE! :notnice:

    I ordered a White GT Premium, optional interior, with the "Bullitt" styled wheels, 500 sound system, side air bags, 5-speed (of course), and NO spoiler!

    Should be here sometime in early December! :D
  17. I changed my mind, I called my salesdude today and nixed the spoiler. I photochopped tirelessly and went and looked at one in person again and I decided that it does look cleaner and really does not miss anything by having the spoiler removed. I DO want something back there but the factory spoiler beagn looking a little bit too high-school for me. I think the concepts and SEMA cars we have seen with a duck tail type lip back there look pretty cool and match the retro look of the car better anyway.

    I even showed the pics around at work and my co-worker-bees told my I was crazy to take off the spoiler but then again they all drive GM so they have no taste....

    Thanks to everyone who posted pics on this thread, I think I would have regretted the spoiler in the long run.

    Golfer, here is your car with standard GT wheels, I took them from Riflemans right side view so the calipers are in the wrong place but you get the idea. This is what mine will look like..

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  18. To each his own I guess...

    I just bought the very first :lol: 05 mustang in my city in windveil blue clearcoat metallic. It has beige lettering in the door (MUSTANG :banana: ) and beige interior. I have the spoiler on the back and would not have bought it without. I think it looks awesome! :D Of course I must also brag that my father in law works at the dealership so I got it for the bargain price of $100 over invoice....don't hate me because I am beautiful :p ....hate me because I got a better deal than you! The reactions I have gotten around town in the last 24 hours are to far fetched to believe! Camera phones hanging out the window, one motorcycle guy almost wrecked trying to turn around to see the car...it is just all sooooo cool. I am sure we will be swamped with these cars sooner or later, but in the meantime, I am enjoying being the coolest chic in town! :hail2:
  19. How can you compare the 5.0 to the '05 Stang?

    Someone made the comment that the 5.0 looked better without the spoiler and therefore the '05 should not have one (at least in their opinion). :nonono: First of all....you can not compare the very well worn out 5.0....how tired is that....to the '05 Stang. The 5.0 crew is sooooo over with here. Just looks like you are trying too hard here where I live. :notnice: Obviously, the addition or not addition of the spoiler to the 05 is just going to be a matter of opinion. I LOVE the spoiler on mine and think it would be losing something to NOT have it. However, we are talking about a Shelby inspired car here....nothing anywear near a worn out 5.0! Also, the key word is "INSPIRED" with a new feel....so I think the spoiler very much has a place on this car. I just wish I could race this at the dirt track instead of what I have to race! And just so you don't get confused, yes I am a female, not a lesbian, and am very capable of rebuilding an engine on my own and look pretty good in a skirt too. So maybe people just need to get past preconceived notions! :banana: