Spolier or not to spoiler?

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  1. Shelby's never had a rear decklid pedestal spoiler like your '05. They had absolutely nothing there in 65-66, and in 67-70 they had a ducktail. So there's really no analogy between "Shelby-inspired" style and the spoiler on your '05. Don't worry, your spoiler looks great. Just many of us here like the purer less-cluttered basic form. Have fun!!!!!
  2. I like the spoiler both ways,I just new that I would proably change it eventually so that why I decided aganist it. Oh and by the way I dig skirts,and also a chic that can work on cars. Feel free to pm me pictures with you in that skirt . And nobody flame me she brought up the skirt thing first! Cant blame me for asking.
  3. I like the no spoiler look. It's just a lot more clean. And it makes the ass end look not so big.
  4. the GT looks naked without the spoiler
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  6. It was just a comparison...

    With its light weight, the 5.0 coupe is the ideal drag/road race Mustang. Look how many NMRA and FFW racers are still running these tried/trued cars. Tired? You should only hope that there will be as much aftermarket availabe for the new 4.6's as there is for the 5.0.


    I love the new Mustangs too but stop dogging on its heritage...
  7. I've made up my mind. I'm going to order my GT without the spolier. Thanks for posting the pics.
  8. One vote for no spoiler. Adding the spoiler delete option was a great move.
  9. No spoiler. It is just a tacked on silly looking thing that adds nothing to the performance of the car.

    I have lived with one on my 1994 Cobra for 10 years and hated it from the first day. It blocks my rear view and looks stupid. Someday I just might remove it.
  10. Look's great Congrats on
    your new purchase!
  11. remember you dont want it to look like a civic, so dont get the spoiler
  12. I think the spoiler looks pretty good and perhaps even the best on black stangs, for some reason. But now that it's been brought up, I'll have to rethink the spoiler delete option. I also wonder how much, if any, it would take away from the rear view?
  13. Going with the spoiler delete option, could make it much easier to later add an aftermarket ducktail. Trying to remove the spoiler could be much more expensive when ducktails become available. Im sure this will be a popular aftermarket upgrade very soon. Personally I like both, but im going with the delete option and waiting to see what is available in the near future. This new stang is going to have a large amount of aftermarket parts available and only time will tell how many, but im betting it's very large!
  14. Dude, what's the cardomain link to your car ?

    I LOVEEEEEEEEEE Black stangs and yours looks wicked clean !!!