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  1. Just installed Brembo GT 500 brakes with new ss lines on 06 GT, bled the crap out of them, getting no bubbles, but still have a spongy pedal. A couple of pumps gets a firm pedal but this is not acceptible. Any ideas are appreciated. Also, if I wind up flushing whole system what is the best brake fluid for a weekend car that sees occasional track days?
  2. not that up to speed on the newer stuff, but im guessing your master cylinder cant handle the gt500 brakes
  3. Do the GT500's, like the Terminators, have the hydro-boost master cylinders?
  4. thanks , don't know if they are different but will check it out.
  5. Did you follow FORD instructions and bleed all four wheel cylinders starting from the one furthest away to the master cylinder to the closest in order?
  6. I was under the impression that was not needed since I didn't touch the rears but think I will try that this week when I get time. Thanks for the input. Just hope I don't have to start throwing parts at these things to get them to work right.
  7. i eould say if you didnt bleed the rears you need to definitely
  8. UPDATE! Messaged Brembo about problem with the GT 500 brakes and got back a condescending note about my lack of knowledge about master cylinders and compatible components while trying to sell me a $3,000 set of brakes. NO HELP. Got in touch with one of the "tech" guys from FORD RACING and got the help I needed. Turns out I did need more knowledge as there are two bleeder valves on each caliper-one on each side- and you gotta bleed both. Silly me. All other components compatible and working good. Problem solved. No spongy pedal. Work great. Thanks FORD RACING! :nice:
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