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  1. My focus this winter was initially going to be interior and finish off the suspension. Then I thought I really need to do the 5 lug conversion because the brakes are scarey to say the least. Now that means sell my new rims to get new rims. All possible and if done right not to expensive, providing I sell my rims.

    Then I get the 18 month interest free offer with the checks in the mail from Chase...Damn it!!!

    So I bought what I always wanted because the price seemed good. I will soon be the proud owner of a On3 76 mm ball bearing turbo kit. My motors built for it no issues, fuel system was designed for it but now I have added work to do.... What's wrong with me....lol

    I heard pretty good things about these kits and this isn't a serious track car, maybe once a year and some good fun on the street. That said who has bought/installed this kit and what else do I need? I will be doing the install my self and have it tuned by a local shop..
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  2. Yikes! That'll be fun. Not sure what you have already, but I'd start with injectors and a tune.
  3. I installed mine last year. Overall wasnt too bad. You will need a blow thru maf, i recommend the hpx slot maf. For tuning, I went with the Moates Quarterhorse so tunes can be updated anytime. What injectors you have?
  4. need more details about car

    motor specs
    rear gears

    how are you going to tune?
  5. All really good questions some I don't have the answer to, but here's my set up now:
    Solid roller "R" block 347, 11:5:1, AFR 205 with some massaging, edelbrok intake a demon 850cfm carb, 3 core be cool radiator Taurus electric fan (soon to be swapped). Tremec tranny, Moser 31 spline axles moser trac lok, 410 gears etc...

    I know the gears will need to be changed, I'm looking for a turbo bonnet now, I have spent all season playing with carbs and I finally found a winner in the demon. I'm hoping I can make it work. The entire set up has maybe 500 miles on it, I really need to get into this it's pretty exciting.
  6. 11.5:1 is pretty high for forced induction. Are you going to run race gas?
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  7. Fuel is an aeromotive a110 external with aeromotive filter and regulator. A big question if mine is exhaust, do I retain my tail pipes or not? I have to tell the truth I've always wanted a turbo but I know nothing about them. I have some homework!!
  8. I wasn't planning on race gas, right now I'm 93.
  9. I just found a company CSU they specialize in blow through applications. They seem to have good reviews.
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  10. Man I'm really not trying to be negative but your present setup isn't right for a turbo but with some tweaks you can make it work. You'll need to switch the carb to a blow through. Lower compression/or keep the boost down/or run race gas. Also to max out the enjoyment I'd run an auto and drop the gears to 3.27-3.55.
  11. I knew a few tweaks would be in order especially considering this isn't planned. Looking at the different blow through carb set ups now, time to sell the demon. Auto would be smart but I'm sticking with the 5 speed this is a fun street car and I enjoy rowing the gears way to much. If it was a split duty car I'd think about an auto.

    I have to sit down with J&M this weekend to see about how to approach this. He's use to me by now I'm always changing my mind, I'm probably putting his kid through private school. If I could get 15lbs on 93 I would be very happy.
  12. I agree, that setup is more condusive for Nitrous than forced induction. You are looking at a gear change, should run an auto vs. stick, and the compression on that motor is way high without a meth injection setup. You'll also need a blow through carb and a tune.

    Just my .02.
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  13. I hope you have more than a T5 behind that cause if you run 15lbs through that 347 you should be near 700 rwhp (maybe more)
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  14. Do I hear the shattering of the third gear syncro and cluster in the future or is that just my imagination? :D
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  15. Omg, that's an impulse buy on steriods :rlaugh:
    So if I were to do a turbo in a T5 or manual tranny, which I love the stick on the streets, I would certainly drop the rear gear to a 3.27-ish so i could stay in it a little longer. But if my 3.55 was still in it, I'd try that first to see if i liked it all.
  16. I have 3.27 in my turbo stick car

    once the boost comes on, say good bye to traction.
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  17. I can hear it!!! I have done that 2 times, not a nice sound
  18. I really want a supercharger for my 88 Vert but those on3 kits are just so much more friendly to the wallet.
  19. Compression is wayyyy to high unless like said before you go meth injection to keep temps down.