Spontaneous STALL out of no-where!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by monte87, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. Guys,

    I got a 91 stang vert. Out of no-where sometimes it just dies right after start-up, Hot and cold-Just shuts off. i changed the ignition switch (Recall part), Still does it....
    Not all the time, weird-Just sometimes. It will crank over-and then just die. I'll start it again-and it will kick over..... I am a bit lost-What should i do??

    Many thanks-Anthony :flag:
  2. you may have a grounding problem. Check your grounds on your battery and all your other grounds.
  3. I checked the Grounds-They are Good!

    I checked them-they are all good. i was starting to think TFI module???? being it was spontaneous-Whatta ya think?
    i am gonna throw the FP gauge on it-and check the Fuel side of it as well... Its just weird-Sometimes it happens, sometimes it dont!

    HELP-Anthony :mad:
  4. Make sur all your sensor's are connected good, I had a simliar problem it was my Idle air control motor, the clip was broken and was just not making the connection ...just a suggestion. And yes I would check your battery terminal's. Do you have a car alarm could be the CMOS Battery could be bad therefore reseting your alarm "resetting the computer in the alarm". Let us know
  5. My bet is the tfi module. Thats a sympton right off the bat. Soon it probably wont start when it gets warm, will have to wait and let it cool down.