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  1. Does anyone know any specifics on 'Sport mode', or perhaps just Fords advanced trac system? I know it activates brakes and controls the engine. I'm looking for how much. Can anyone identify the threshold that the nanny intervenes at?
  2. I don't know the specifics but it usually intervenes just when the real fun starts. In sports mode, I can get pretty sideways and spin a bunch before any intervention. Someone told me at about 15* off center, it would come into play but no proof.
  3. Thanks. I guess ill just have to perform the testing myself...
  4. You can completely disable Advance Track by holding the brake pedal down and depressing the traction control button for 8 seconds. "ADVANCETRAC OFF" will appear in the display. This mode removes ALL drivers' aids except for ABS and is what I use during autocross.
  5. Just be careful when playing with the different settings. It can get away from you in a second if you are not really ready.
  6. Good advice! The first time I turned advancetrac off, I nailed it while turning and almost spun completely around. The power really comes on quick!!
  7. Thanks, but i mostly baby this thing around. I have a perfect driving record, and want to keep it that way... car payments are high enough... Still I have been known to engage in the occasional power slide, accidentally of course...
  8. Yes, while checking out the traction control settings, I managed to see trees on both the north and south sides of an east/west road all within a couple of seconds.

    Now, if you really drive as you say you do, you had better know what happens when the power is applied. This car is a lot different than our tuned '07 vert was in that situation.
  9. Note that I would never turn AdvanceTrac off on the street...
  10. I am really surprised/disappointed how poorly this car puts the power down with any amount of steering angle. I would be geniunely scared to drive this thing on the street without the ESC watching over me.
  11. That's part of the fun!
  12. Sport mode allows you to spin the tires but won't let the rear kick out to either side. There is no reason to be afraid to turn it all off. Just use common sense and don't jack around on wet roads with it all off.