Sportsman 26x12.5 on Fox

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  1. Figured id share some info that may help someone cause i was rather doubtful.... got a set of mickey t sportsman 26x12.5 and they fit on my car... there mounted on turbines and i just had to remove the quads... they dont hit anything on the inside...




  2. Get a wider rim on there and it might rub...
  3. They are definitely begging for a wider rim.....nice looking car though.
  4. yea i only use em at the track so it wasnt on the top of my priority list...but i do plan on getting another set
  5. I'm pretty sure you won't get the full traction capacity out of them without switching to a wider wheel. You can see how the tread bows to squeeze onto the wheel. Crazy good effort though.
  6. i guess the key will be low low pressure lol :D

    the real test will be my 60ft time.. when i run ill post em up