SPOTTED: I saw my old stang :tear:

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  1. so are ford fieastas!
  2. and Diahtsu Highjets ;)
  3. gayest thread ever...
  4. Don't get me started on the whole Import vs. Domestic thing.
    Personally, I think that if you consider one to be more reliable than the other, you're just plain ignorant and don't realize that they're both complex machines with a lot of stuff that can go wrong.

    You say FORD= Fix Or Repair Daily(haha, haven't heard that one before :rolleyes: ), but I drove an unrestored '66 Mustang EVERYDAY for 2 years without a single problem. While, at the same time my friends with 10-yr-old imports were having to take their cars to the shop every two weeks.

    You're comparing a 9 yr-old Mustang to a 3 yr-old Honda. And the '95 V6 was never the most reliable Mustang ever made.

    And I bet if you looked at the kind of driving the average Mustang endures, compared the the avg. driving of a Civic, the Mustangs are probably going through A LOT more abuse and just taking it.

    I just hate the "imports are more reliable" BS that everyone buys into. Toyota owners are the worst. :notnice:
  5. My first car was a Toyota Corolla. I never changed the oil except for once, and that was because the oil filter came loose and pumped all the oil out. That car still runs today. I redlined that thing all the time too. Maybe not all toyotas are bulletproof, but that one sure is. And you also cant go assuming that Mustangs are beat on more than civics. Every civic owner (non ricer at least) I know redlines their cars all the time. And I can probably guarantee our redlines are a bit higher than yours. :p
  6. And my parents had a '92 Sentra I couldn't kill. But that didn't cancel out the fact that my friends '92 Sentra was in the shop all the time.
    Each make has it's examples of great reliability, but they all also have lemons, I don't care which country the company is from.

    That's odd. Every Civic owner I know(that's not a ricer), drives an automatic and babies the throttle like their trying to get 100mpg out the thing. :shrug:

    Well, I guess when you can't find power down low, you gotta go looking for it somewhere else. :jester:
  7. Yeah, because we have a little thing called torque. :nice:

    EDIT: 66 Coupe beat me to it.
  8. Doesn't change the fact that I see you guys in my rear view all the time. :rlaugh: I love you guys, I hope you know that.
  9. I say :lock: this thread. It started with a guy who thought it was nice to see his old car. Now it turned to childish arguments.
  10. How're you guys calling the man a ricer?
    He has a turbo charged Si that will beat most of us here and yet he's a ricer?
    I give credit where credit is due, and a Civic Si isn 't a bad car. I raced one once when my car was still stock at the track and we were side by side the whole way down.
    Would I ever buy a Si? No, because I just don't see myself in it. Do I think it's a respectable car? Yes, especially for the power it puts out for the price range and the motor size.
    However, I must say. I HATE the new Si. I don't know what the hell Honda was thinking. The older ones are so much better.
  11. *hands him some sarcasm glasses so he can finally see that nothing said in this thread was meant to be a serious argument*
  12. Well...said by us anyway.

    The creator of this thread did start to get a little passionate.
  13. True, I stand corrected.
  14. I believe I got passionate AFTER I was called a ricer

    Just to make a point about that:
    performance mods > style mods = my car
    And, as stated, not by me, my car could blow the doors off most guys here.

    I dont even have the stock DOHC Vtec stickers on the lower rear panel for christ sake.. :shrug:

    I just wanted to share how much I missed my stang, it wasnt the quickest but it was a good little car for what it was. I was shocked when I saw it, and thought of this place immediately so I posted about it. Seriously, if you have nothing positive to say then so be it, but dont bash because it is contradictory to what you view as "right." There are lots of different ways to go fast, I do it with a high revving 4.

    As for the new Si's, the look is good if they are dropped with a CTR kit on them. Stock, the look is kinda just eh for me too. The interiors are very PIMP. Black suede with red stich on race inspired seats is nice. In stock form the new Si isnt much competition, kind of a pig, not enough power for the fact that they got heavier. However that K20 responds VERY well to mods. I have personally rode in a Greddy turboed one and the thing was simply rediculous. That 2.0 motor really comes alive with mods, so in that sense dont count them out if you run into one. Even with a set of cams and a hondata flash those things are capable of some quick times.
  15. :stupid:

    There's nothing wrong with a girlfriend's family is all obsesed with hondas :shrug: .... I've driven it, after my wreck I even test drove a honda...just really couldn't compare to the feeling I had in my stang. Plus, getting hit on the front driver side quarter panel and dying, coming back to life 3 mins 28 secs later, ya know I trust the stang now after it saved my life in that!
  16. The only reason I called him a ricer, is because he rated the Mustang :notnice: . The Civic might be a better car, but it wasn't even about that. He gave the Mustang :notnice: , in a Mustang Forum.
    Actually, when I first read the post, I thought it was a nice post. I didn't care, and still don't, what he traded it in for. I really thought it was nice from him to say hello after he's been away for a while. But, somehow, the conversation got switched (and I probably did have a part in that).
  17. he's not i ricer if he likes hondas...
  18. 98StangRidah = :notnice:
  19. haha.

    I went from a 400hp 71 mach 1 to a 94 gt with vortec kit

    now I'm driving a 98 civic with s2000 interior and greddy turbo kit while I'm building an 88 mustang with a turbocoupe engine on the engine stand.

    sorry but I had to get the blue back into my veins...the vtec is starting to turn my eyes yellow :bang:
  20. 98StangRidah :uzi: Integraholic