Spring Project Parts Coming In!

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  1. Things have finally started to come in so I figured I'd start snapping pictures:


    I got pretty much everything through www.bieberfever.com and I am trying out a few things that seem to go against the grain of what everyone else has done with this TKO swap. When I got the DS I got one for 96+ cars, which already comes with the 31 spline slip yoke on it so I didn't have to buy it separately, and I'm not running a spacer. They said that the slip yoke is longer than the ones on our cars and that there is plenty of contact area. They also said that when you add the spacer you are changing the pinion angle and that's why many people have vibrations.

    However, I am no expert so I'll be the guinea pig on this and let you guys know how everything works out.

    Other than that, my clutch, smog delete, and a few misc. bolts and such will be coming in this week too. The only thing I need now is some warmer weather to get rid of this dang snow!

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  2. Congrats

    getting time for us northern/northern-ish peeps to start thinking about springtime mods...
    Get them in B4 we meet at Milan
  4. that looks exactly like my garage haha... did they send you an offset mount for that so that you don't have to modify the crossmember?
  5. whats your address again?

  6. Actually, they said they don't have an offset mount (which confused me because someone on here pointed me to them for that reason?), do you know of a place that sells one, it's really the last thing I'm looking for.
  7. Donavan, was your old trans going south or is this purely an elective swap?

    Them be purty parts. :nice:
  8. didn't you say you work at chucke cheese???

    if so all i gotta say is chucke cheese must be paying damn good
  9. Thanks JT :)

    My original plans for this year were to do an entire suspension, but in the end I couldn't make up my mind about a K-member and a few other things. I figured if I want to throw a 331 with a decent H/C/I in a few years I'm going to need something to hold the beef. Besides, now I can REALLY beat the crap out of it and know she'll take it :D

    Trav, I don't work at CC, no, but I work at Wendy's... hah. The pay isn't great, it isn't bad, but I work about 35 hours a week, am a full time student, and pray I can get this project done over Spring Break. Living at home helps the bills considerably, and I don't have a g/f to suck my wallet dry. Really, this is where all my money goes because, well, I got infected with that horsepower virus... dang the luck.
  10. Nice parts!
  11. lol cool i know what you mean thats how i built my 93 at home no bills really and no lady lol im noticing that with the lady on our own and with a kid my projects take longer to accomplish....:shrug: weird lol let us know how she runs:nice: