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  1. whats up guys, i live in alexandria/springfield area in nova. gonna be doing lots of work on the stang in a couple months. a lot of things are going to be done by me and my dad, but some stuff i'll need a shop to do, like welding and rebuilding my rear end. i know springfield motorsports (owned by john dega) is very close to where i live. just wondering if anyone on here's ever done any business with them or heard anything about them? thanks in advance for any replies.
  2. 5 stars for Jon Dega - he's one of the best you will find around. He installed a few parts of my suspension and converted my AOD to the Tremec and did an awesome job. The only downsides are that's he's wicked expensive - but worth it if you can afford it.

    He's also brutally honest (something very rare these days) - that could be a plus or minus ;)

    There are plenty of other people around that are cheaper, but their level of expertise isn't quite up to Jon's. It really depends on what you're having done on whether to go to him or not. There's plenty of good Mustang specialist around - check out Espuets in Landover(?) MD and Kaufmanns in Dillsburg PA (a little far, but much cheaper and they do know their stuff)
  3. I delt with Springfield once, and that was enough for me. It seems Springfield is a love/hate type thing. Tried to bend myself and my friend over on some ridiculous price estimate for an install on an intake. Have seen many cars go there and come back just poorly done.

    If you go to Springfield, bring your wallet and the telephone number to Excessive Motorsport East (so you can get it done right).
  4. Springfield Motorsport is outrageously expensive. Their work is a little above average, but not at the level of what they charge. However, they do have the best deal on dyno time that I've found, with their "dyno days". You get three pulls (w/air-fuel) for $40. I think that a small group can get that price anytime (hint-hint)....
  5. Another vote for Espeut performance. They did an awesome job on my cams and valvesprings.
  6. I have dealt with them many times over the years.

    A complete list (I think) of my cars I have had go there:

    1985 Saleen
    1988 Escort
    1989 Saleen
    1991 SHO
    1992 T-Bird SC
    1997 Expedition
    1998 Navigator
    2000 Saleen S281-SC
    2001 Excursion

    Some have been there for minor things, some have been there for more extensive work.

    I can not say I have had any problems with them over the years.

    They are not the cheapest shop in town, but are more in line with your local dealerships prices, only they know what they are doing.

    Sure, some shops may be cheaper, but IMHO they do not have the knowledge, and I for one do not have a problem paying a little more to not have to worry about how well the job was done.

    If I did not take my cars there, I would say try Kaufmanns in Dillsburg PA, I hear good things about them.

    I would not go to Excessive.
  7. For basic work, yes.

    Being objective, I've been there 4 times, and don't know if I'll go anymore. Was sold the wrong H-pipe--asked/ordered an 'X', got an 'H', was told it was an 'X', paid an 'X' price, I found out a month later, mail order sold the H 150$ less! (My bad I guess?) They did my subframes on a frame hoist (everyone says it's a no no) at an outrageous cost, likely fried an O2 sensor welding (had A/F issues afterwards). Bad pinon alignment in rear gears (gears lasted 2 yrs, mainly street driving), non-sale parts are $$$ when purchased w/o labor, etc, etc... In the end they did take care of me, but at my cost and time. Do your research or you'll likely "pay out the nose"--nature of the biz.

    You will drive off feeling everything was done right, give them credit for that compared to other places ("Reminds me of a good import tuner shop....lots of $$ for 1HP"). But you *may* notice things down the road and some issues when it comes to "the details"... I think that's why folks usually mention the cost justification.

    Dealing with Jon in person is good (he's cool :) ) and he definitely is a vast source of knowledge & experience. But you figure that appears to be the norm for MOST shops (owner=thumbs up, everything else about the shop=caveat emptor). In the end, if you can DIY, then suck it up, spend the time, and do it :D

    As for Kauffmans, big thumbs up, considering I've only been there once! They keep moving farther away...
  8. Been to alot of the shops around in Md, never Exxcesive or Springfield. Heard good and bad about both, so I have not opinion.

    Shops I have been to in Md, and my 1-10 rating of them: :D

    Espeut Performance-10, would not take my car anywhere else if I could not do the work myself! :nice:

    Horsepower by Hermann-7, Hermann is a real nice guy, machanics are FAIRLY knowlagable, but if you don't have a 12 sec. or faster car, they act like they don't wanna talk to you. Priced high, too.

    Every Last Detail- -5,000, that's a NEGATIVE 5,000. And that's all I have to say about them. :notnice: OK, no it's not. I could write books about how much I don't like them. Volumes. Rooms. Libraries. City blocks of libraries. But that's just my opinion. :notnice:

    Anyway, Kauffman's is really good, been there and was REALLY impressed!:nice: I would not mind checking out Springfield's dyno though. Just because it's so much closer.
  9. Kauffmans or Excessive...

    OH YEAH... dont mention excessive on the northern va mustang club boards... or you will be banned.