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  1. My friend has a 2.3L Mustang and wants to lower it. He wants to cut the springs. I told him about the bad side effects of cutting them but he doesn't care. He doesn't want to spend any money on the car. He wants to lower it about 2". Anyone know how many coils to cut out of the front and back? Ive installed eibach springs on my 5.0 and needed a spring compressor. After we cut them, will we need a spring compressor? Im going to help him tomorrow so I need an answer ASAP.

    Clay G.
  2. 1 full coil on the front and u still need to compress spring for easy install
  3. How much will one coil lower it? Doesn't seem like much.

  4. I'm also in desprate need for springs, the drivers side of my '88 looks slamed, the other side looks stock, i know the shocks and sturts are shot, but they can't cause the car to dip could it? I want Eibach but im not sure which ones to get. I'm going to modify the suspension so It handles like nice street car ;)
  5. Speaking from experience :( ,2" is too much. 1.5 isn't too bad, lowering the center of gravity is great for handling, but on the roads in this part of the salt belt, the wheels got-to-be on the ground to achieve handling. For this you will need travel. :flag:
  6. I agree that 2" is a bit much...

    Dan'l...did you use aftermarket springs or cut the stockers? If you cut them, how much did you cut off for the 2" drop?
  7. I have done a few for my 5.0 buddies and average drop was 1 1/2 with 1 full coil removed jack stands and a floar jack done in under 2 hours.
    They also mostly drag race so soft front coils help weight tranfer may not be good for hard corners.

    ps. i work in a muffler shop and do front ends all day some days
  8. We did the front today. First we cut 1/2 coil and it lowered it about 1/2". Wasn't enought for my friend. So we had to take it all apart again and cut another 1/2 coil. This time it was 1 1/4" to 1 1/2". Looks ok now. We are going to do the back next week. Do we cut 1 coil out of the back also or less?? I wouldn't think 1 coil in the front would be the same as 1 coil in the back. All this work and its still a 4 banger!!!!!

    Clay G.
  9. Well check a rear spring out their easy to see, i believe they have a tight small locater ring u might not be able to cut a coil off.

    A cheap alternative may be to clamp 2 coils together with 2 small u bolts and maybe u wont have to remove springs in this case.
  10. Can you cut the top of the rear springs? Or is the top like the top of the front springs?
  11. if your car is a v-8 just put 4 banger springs on it the car will look even and ride good.my bud put 4 banger springs on his street/strip v-8, car looks good handles good and yanks the wheels every time.