Springs...FOX to SN95?

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  1. Ok this is what I want to know.

    I found a guy that will give me his chopped springs for free there off a 91GT.

    My question is

    When buying lowering springs for a 94GT they say they lower the car 2" for instance, but when buying them for a 87-93GT they lower the car 1.75".

    So does this mean these cut springs if there copped like 2" will actually lower my car 2.25" for example? Thats the way im seeing it...

    ALSO is the weight why the springs are diffrent, will these cause my car to sag bad or cause very bad handling problems etc? Should I just chop my stock SN95 springs or just get these ones?


    ps: The reason im thinking of chopping is I want to lower my car at least or around 2.25" front and 2" rear. The lowest springs are 2" Front and 1.8" Rear. Yes I know they might cause hopping, but honeslty how bad are chopped springs?
  2. anyone?!
  3. id advise not to cut your springs...just cough up $100 and get it done right
  4. $100 to get what done right?

    Like I was asking is it better to chop SN95 springs or FOX springs does it really matter or are they the same when chopped to the equal hight of each other?
  5. $100-$160 for new springs
  6. I have Eibach Pros right now but am looking for lower...i might just keep them then
  7. Choped Springs are a :nono: :nono:
  8. For what its worth..i cut 1/2 coil of my Mac springs in the front, got another 1/2" drop...cut a full coil off the back, got about 3/4"...

    i have yet to say, damn, why'd i do that.!!!! rides kinda stiff, to be expected, nothing to crazy....i have yet to see and ill affects and haven't opted to chg em out yet...i have some suspension stuff and subs so maybe that makes a difference...others have stated it rolls bigtime when you cut stockers...mine will still break the azz loose before it evens attempts to roll...still handles just fine..
    i can't go much more or it wont even go on my lift without being jacked up..so its fairly low...
    I would make sure you have decent shocks and struts tho, if there roached, it wont be good...

    Thats may 2 cents... :D
  9. are eibachs better then suspension techniques? should i spend the extra and get the eibach sportlines or just get the suspension techniques? which are lower?
  10. the spindle set up in the sn95 is a different heigth than the foxes...