Springtime Mods!

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  1. Does anyone have any springtime mods in the works?

    I might finially install my 4.10's and T-Lok. Still need to get buy diablosport :eek: and probably a few small things here and there!
  2. Finally doing a shifter, pulley, and 3.73s.

    I feel pretty good about having a go at the gears myself. Has anyone else done gears themselves, and how did it go? It looks in the instructions like checking for ring runout and pinion depth are the hardest steps.
  3. lowering with new rims...i hope
    Probably an ebay cai and a bunch of billet interior parts
  4. If you have a Ditial Camera can you take some pics while you are going the swap for the rest of us? I love the before and afters that people are willing to share. Good luck on the doing it yourself. :nice:
  5. Putting on gears on your car is going to be hard. Did you ever do it yourself?
  6. dude be carefull with your gears i did it WITH a mechanic friend of mine and the hardest part is shimming it just right otherwise you get this god awful howl, the V6 sounds just fine but after 1 pass at the local strip the GT's are all F'd up since i don't live at home i need him to fix em and been trying for the last 3 weeks.
  7. I agree with engage. I wouldn't risk it.
  8. im gunna kill that fuccker if he don't #1 fix the loosness in wifes exhaust, other than that her car is solid as a rock, and fix the rubbing in my rearend hes on my kill list took him of schit last week now hes on kill
  9. I'm gonna have my dad do my gears+tlok, but he can do those on all sorts of cars, he just needs the specs and lots of time.
  10. i wonder what a local shop would charge ta fix the gears hmmmm
  11. Actually it is spring for Houston. So pully and subs are waiting installation, and exhaust/wheels/trip for FL is waiting for funding from old car sale.
  12. I have new cobra rims and tires going on. (I have had the rims since summer :bang: and i just ordered the tires yesterday :D ) Also i am buying a dibalosport chip, dual exhaust, and 3.73 gears. HOPEFULLY i can get enough money to get some lowering springs and a new front bumper. What are the best springs for a 98 V6? Really i just want to get rid of that terrible bady roll - or at least some of it. Anyone know anything about those springs they sell on ebay? I dont want to put my baby in jepordy b/c i got some cheap chineese springs:( ...
  13. Man, this thread got me thinking about moding my car!!! Now i have my cobra rims w/ kuhmo asx tires, dibalosport chip, 2" dual exhaust - pipes come out in front of rear tires, ford racing 3.73 gears, a sweet hood, short throw shifter, front bumper, new 9mm wires, 5% window tint, and new gauges! HOLY ****. I think i went overboard!!!!:rolleyes: :rlaugh: If i had an extra $200 i would buy ebiach lowering springs... Wow, i really dont know how i am going ot afford all this.. I guess i will just have to work a whole bunch this month!:mad:
  14. My plans are pretty big too, but I just need a better paying job first.
    First off I want to fix my front bumper+paint it, the previous owner hit something so the paint is flaking and the foam bumper behind the cover is crooked causing the cover to be crooked too, and the 2 screws holding the bumper in place underneath the hood, the 2 things going up between the headlights and the grill and pony, they both have the plastic part underneath cracked where the holes are supposed to be, the holes are cracked in half...
    Also, after that GT rear bumper w/ possibly SLP catted X-pipe, and GT SLP loudmouth or PowerFlo Cat Back, and then Steeda or K&N CAI, then 4.10 gears(and T-Lok once, I find out the estimated total cost to install both, and all the extra things I need for he T-Lok)
    Once I get my exhaust and bumpers in place, I will put blue neons w/ remote turn on/off...

    I think that should do it for me... :shrug: :rolleyes:
  15. I as well have an o/r X pipe and subframe conecctors awaiting install this spring. I also should receiving my Cervini's Stalker hood shortly. Can't wait to get them all installed!
  16. :drool: You better post some pics when it's done.
  17. Install and wire my Amp, Put new carpet on the subbox, Clean the dam car, Have my muffler installed.
  18. Don't put carpet on your box, put some viynal(I can't spell it for the life of me) or some suede :drool: It might actually be cheaper then using automotive carpeting. I got mine 5 yards for $7 bucks. :nice:
  19. where Zinc?
  20. Or maybe I'll make a new box with some plexiglass, neons and such. I box I have now was built in the school woodshop by the same kid who sold me the sub. It has carpeting from under the back seat of his GTI.