Springtime Mods!

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  1. I almost forgot. I finnaly fixed my cruise and throttle cables.

    the little grey coupleling on the cruise broke right at the throttle pin. A trip to the junkyard and one Ford Taurus later I had a working cruise control (free)

    And for ~$35 I replaced my bent, frayed, and otherwise totaly messed up throttle cable. The pedal would go in about 3 inched before it caught.
  2. Don't know. I made my mom get it for me :rlaugh: She was going to a fabric store when I asked her what she was doing and I told her to get me some(I was planning on buying it from ebay).
  3. My box came with carpet on it. I just need to hook it up and mount it down, but it's supposed to rain friday, saturday and sunday =(. $195 refund in a couple days woohoo. $90 to parents and $105 to myself with $50 in the bank and $40 in my wallet. I could get the UDP, but I want money.
  4. I built my box...got it wrong twice :nonono: Had to recut it twice and right now, it has a perfect fit, but it was so pefect, that I couldn't fit it. :eek: So I laid it down flat, and during the summer I'm gonna stick it up right.
  5. Here's my plan for the new box. Simple bevel corners with two neon tubes. I just made this about 5 mins ago in Valve Hammer Editor.

  6. MM Coil-over kit.


    13" rotor 4 piston caliper front brake upgrade and new rotors and calipers for the back since they look like crap.

    Not sure which I want to go with. My brakes are pretty horrible, and I figure, from a safety stand point, I should get the brakes.
  7. I need two new rotors myself. Maybe I'll do that this year. And I'm way over due on an oil change--maybe I'll do that tommorrow afternoon. It's supposed to be really warm.
  8. I'm going to change my oil this weekend if it isn't raining. I'm like 1500 miles under, but the car was also sitting in a shop for 2 months.
  9. I think the last time i did it was in EARLY december, so yeah I need to take care of theat. The only prob it that the car takes 5W20 i think we only have 10W30.
  10. I get free oil changes for life at my dealership :D :rlaugh: :rolleyes: :) :nice: :p
  11. I do it myself, that way I know I did it good.
  12. Well I trust them, hehee :)
  13. Sometimes I wish I had someone change by oil, especially during the winter months.
  14. Is this too common? Icould try a slant back. gimme a few.
  15. Is that a sub box?
  16. yes, here's another:

    same box but with a slant

  17. Oh and I just had a faimily friend of ours who runs a garage order me a Flowmaster 40 Series (not delta or super 40) for $55. What a deal! It will go on next Wednesday. ME SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! ME PARENTS ARE ALSO GOING TO KILL ME!!!!! been nice knowing you all.
  18. Just tell them how much you saved...even better don't tell them :nice: Are you sure those boxes are gonna fit?
  19. my box fits woohoo. Just gotta get the box wired in =\. It would be so much easier if it was a Mach 460 system but noooo, so now I gotta pull out the stereo to install the subs and get a lead out converter. And it's gonna rain, nooo =(.
  20. Find a garage, some trees, 10 beach umbrellas clumped together, or something else.