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  1. Hey guys got another quick question..

    So I was driving around today and I noticed she was acting kinda funny, whenever I step on it under 2000 rpm's it sputters 2-3 times and slowly grabs until about 2300 then its normal again. It does it in every gear except for first but theres really no room to try it in first because first is so short of a gear. Also, the car is sounding somewhat funny too. Now if I'm in neutral or have the clutch pushed in I can step on it and it's fine revs no problems whatsoever...

    My throwout bearing has been making some noise lately and the rear end somewhat howls, but the car does have 270xxx miles on the original 4.6

    Car is a 2000 GT 5 Speed... No SES light... any suggestions on what this might be? I was thinking maybe it's time for new plugs and wires and coil packs.. but that's just me. I'd like to see some other people's input before I go do anything to see if it's happened to anyone else around here before.

    Only other mod is I cut out the mufflers and welded in straight pipe, but havent had any issues with that since I did it other than it sounding good. Responses are greatly appreciated in advance!

    Thanks :)
  2. Clutch issues should not make the engine sputter. Does it sound like the engine is literally sputtering or does it rev smoothly but feel like its sputtering?

    The difference being a healthy engine being bogged down by a clutch that isn't engaging properly, or an unhealthy engine sputtering, misfiring, making strange noises, etc.
  3. Hey thanks for the reply! Threw a code today and I'm sure it's for a misfire I can actually hear it now. I've looked at a lot of posts and threads with symptoms similar to mine and all lean towards a bad coil pack. The car sputters/ jerks back and forth but only under a load and exhaust sounds funny now and I have a loss of power. Tomorrow I'm going out to see which cylinder is misfiring. I have an obd2 scanner tool at my cousins shop

    What I intended to do is just buy 1 coil pack and replace the one that's on the misfiring cylinder. And see if it fixes it. If not I'll go from there about changing plugs and wires..

    Another additional tip. The car has 270500 miles on it on the original engine everything is stock minus CAI.. oh and exhaust I cut mufflers off and welded in straight pipe.
  4. Okay guys, i figured it out it was just a misfire on cylinder 7. Coil pack was bad. So next few paychecks I plan on saving my money and going off to buy a full msd set of coils and plug wires. Doing a full tune up.
  5. Good job with the diagnostic. I will take a easy to fix misfire over a clutch/trans issue any day.
  6. Thanks! same here, eventhough my throwout bearing is squeaking. I noticed youre from st. Louis. I'm also from st. louis.. lol where around here are you from?
  7. Nice to see another high mileage GT out there. Mine has 218k and runs pretty well. I will probably keep driving it at least another 5 years if I can, just because the car is so cheap to keep, and quite fun to drive ;).