Spy pics to kick things off...

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  1. I try to keep up with NEW info. It's just not out there. I'm thinking those pics may be powertrain testing in a mule but the body is clearly 2013 or 2014. The S550 is gonna be way different.
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  2. The article with the "Production Nose & Hood" pics says that it's the S550 production front fascia, hood and front fenders. So it's moved beyond just using an S197 body. :nice:

    Only a matter of time before the rest of the body is updated to S550 :rock:
  3. Not new spy pics but at least a new render

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  4. I used to work for a Ford supplier (steering) and I can tell you the pictures of the 2015 I saw looked very European as well as Infiniti G37-ish. I am not sure how the public is going to handle it if they stay with the concept. Domestic buyers who are focused on muscle will probably not like the look. Those who are more into tuner aesthetics will like it. It's not ugly- I actually think it looks quite sharp. And it definitely looks like a step from the S197, but it just doesn't look like a pony car. Think of a two-door, mean-looking Taurus SHO.

    Looking at the "prodoction hood" picture, that is definitely the new stuff. It is obviously attached to a 2010-2014 model from the windshield back, but you get the idea- the headlights are way out to the side, and the grill is huge/wide open like the new Taurus.

    One thing I forgot to mention is that the fast back is REALLY fast. Reminds me of the new Mitsubishi Eclipse.
  5. Please refrain from likening a Mustang to an Eclipse :puke:
  6. looks like a Camaro, meh
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  7. It's time for the thing to change. For all the whining that's done about a B/S change, the simple fact is that Ford has done all they can w/ a Retro Vibe. The 05-09 body was about as much of a tribute to the cars heritage as could be done, and it can't stay that way forever. the 12 and 13 versions of the same make it look dated already. Again, I think that concept, (and all of the other "euro-Japanese" versions that have been released) look really cool, it's time for the car to move on.
  8. F Euro-Japanese anything. If that's what I wanted, I would have gone and bought a damned honduh already. Ford has just begun to scratch the surface of the modern American Muscle car look and stance. What's more is that I GUARANTEE that if Ford follows suit with all the Eurotrash examples on the roads, that they will fade into obscurity like they did with the latter days of the Fox and all days with the SN body style. They need a look of their own to be sure but that look will have to say American Muscle and say it with distinction.
  9. Wahh!,...Wahh!, Wahh! It's a leave my "belly button alone" mentality like that that has frustrated many a talented automotive designer at Ford for going on 10 years now.
    "Scratched the surface"? Archeologists 1000 years in the future would have to dig down 500' feet if they happened upon a JY during our time here just to get through all of the S197 cars they'd find on top of each other.

  10. Even then it won't do them any good because they'll probably start in New Jersey. It will take them another 500 feet to get past all the Stalker Body kits and underglow kits before they figure out they've got the wrong head on the damned dinosaur. :p
  11. I do like the styling queues in this rendition with the exception of the pointed pieces next to the induction grill.
  12. Well there you go then. To recap,..the message here is,..........

    Well, I don't know what the message is.

    Don't dig in NJ in 3013?:shrug:
  13. Good Talk. :nice:

    Moving on. :D
  14. If the car stays remotely close to that rendition,..there is still all kinds of Mustang talking there.
  15. I would love to see a factory released wide body (something like what Steeda and a couple of others did). I won't be holding my breath for that release though.
  16. Ford seems to be going with Austin Martin styling on thier cars. Maybe it's just me?
  17. attachment.php?attachmentid=335&stc=1&d=1363723348

    Even better one.
  18. Now all it needs a turbo V12, an Aston Martin badge, and a $200,000 price tag.