Spy pics to kick things off...

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  1. Everything about this car, except for the front splitter, screams Aston Martin. I'm completely torn on this. If you told me this was a brand new model that Ford was introducing, I'd be giddy with excitement. This rendering looks amazing. It just looks too Euro to have the pony badge.
  2. I would be tempted to step up from my 2011 for this, and I LOVE my 2011 styling. This is just a sex machine on wheels, but still has mustang in it. Long nose, short rear, little triangular rear quarter window, indentations on the sides with a flared rear fender... I dig it, big time.
  3. For some reason this rendition looks like a Camero from the front wheels back, to me anyway.
  4. I've been telling my hubby that the latest Ford line has got the Aston look going on.. Check out the latest release of the focus or fusion.. I'm NOT a fan.. This doesn't make me happy in the least. I can honestly say I'm not interested in a new pony!

    I'm pretty much not interested in any new cars as of now.. Each manufacturer is going with the same styling cues for all new models in their line up.

    I want a car that doesn't look like everyone else's, not the same car every one else has!
  5. I don't mind this rendering, for the most part. I only hope Ford doesn't put that dang Fusion grill on it. The new Mustang needs to stand apart from all other Ford cars.
  6. 80460233-E727-4A19-8AD0-F218C94E4FE5-4144-00000561A977C21F_zps8059b0c9.jpg
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  8. That's an acceptable backend. I'm not a fan of the exhaust, though. polygon tips are meh. I see a hood scoop. I hope they don't go the Camaro route where you're seated so under the car that you can't see anything out the windows.
  9. Agreeed, one of the worst cars in terms of visibility on the market.
  10. Well really this is looking like Camaro specially from the rear side. I think they copy the design of the new car. Anyhow but its looking good.. i hope it will looks good in original because today there are many crap designs available in market.
  11. from what is on the render, I honestly don't like the nose, too curvy and yes, I agree, too Fusion. I hope they will do something more similar to the current one.
    for the back, it's easy to be better than the present. Please do not offend me but the 2013 seems they dropped the original maquette model on the floor but it was too late to fix it before the presentation.

    the tail light are familiar with the 2004 but there is still room for improvement. And the tail seems too short to be a Mustang.

    but this is only my opinion :)
  12. i honestly like the car from a couple of areas, but the front nose is way too aero for me. Plus its going to be alot smaller and now it will have Euro influence all through it. Last i knew we were in america. The car is ruined for me if that is the reasoning for the change in style. Looks like ill be going for a 2010 or 2011 in a couple of years.
  13. now if this is the car Ford builds, then im all in. This is a winner..........except for the back bumper.