SpyWare-it isn't just here

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  1. I've found that when I visit the various Mustang sites, this one included, that I get spyware out the wazoo, and even a Trojan Horse sometimes. I had to buy Norton because the AVG couldn't handle it. I also found that only SpySweeper was able to deal with the Spyware that would steer my internet search engine to wherever it wanted.
    Fair warning all.
  2. get a better blocker.
  3. You got spyware from Stangnet? Highly doubtful. Stay off the pr0n sites until you get a better trojan for your 'puter! :)

  4. hmm

    Shut up. I don't go to **** sites.:Zip2:
  5. Its not from this site, Ive been coming here since 2002 and have never gotten anything from here.
  6. You're bringing your Spyware here from other places noob. This site does not contain spyware. I'm guessing that either you DO surf **** or that you're another one of those myspace weenies that clicks every link on those pages containing pictures that even remotely look female.
  7. hmm

    Feeling superior jerk? :nono:
  8. This site has been in operation for some time now (since early 1998) and does not host or serve with partners that propagate spyware, malware, or anything of the sort. I'm sorry to defuse your claim, but it (harmful software) simply doesn't get hosted on this site.

    There are great tools out there to repair and prevent this from occurring on your system again. Just FYI.

    PS: Daggar's comment is in jest and is loaded with sarcasm. ;)