squeaky ball joints fix?!

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  1. So, my ball joint(s) are starting to squeak, and its been getting really annoying.. really makes the car sound like a junker. My dads buddy has a shop, so I asked him if they could put the car up on the lift and grease up the ball joints a bit and hopefully relieve the squeaking. I remember reading that some of you managed to solve the problem by using a needle and injecting grease into the boot of the sealed ball joints, thus relieving the squeaking for a few months, so I explained this to the guy at the shop and he said he would try that out for me. Anyways, after he said that the injecting "wouldnt work" so he just lubed them a bit. Now, the car sounded great for awhile, perfectly smooth and no squeaks.. but the sound returned the next day.. almost worse than before (unless im imagining) Anyways, if anyone has done the grease injection fix before, could they please instruct me how to do it and tell me how effective its been? I plan to get these replaced eventually, but I just dont have the cash for it at the moment and Im looking for a quick fix to kill that rediculous squeaking. please help :(
  2. It's not something I'd really recommend doing, but you may be able to get away with it in a pinch. You'll just need some means of injecting the grease into the ball joint, but once you do that, you're no longer working with a sealed ball joint, since you'll have to puncture the seal somewhere. If you're looking to do a replacement on the cheap, you could probably pick up some OEM replacement ball joints at an auto parts store and get the old ones pressed out, new ones in for under $100. Stangsuspension.com has 03-04 Cobra control arms with new bushings and ball joints for $164.12 + shipping.

  3. thats what I did. For the trouble and price of replacing the balljoints just replace the control arm. I replaced the ball joints on a 94 ecoline van Major PITA Had to use a huge vise then use a 3/4" drive ratchet with a 15ft pole on the end and it still wasn't budging!

    Alot easier to replace everything at once.
  4. How about drilling a hole in the bottom of the ball joint and putting a self-tapping Zerk (sp?) fitting in there? Then you can just grease it with a grease gun. Prolly less than $5 and 20 minutes of work, if you have a lift. They sell them at NAPA. Straight, 90 degree and low profile. Should be able to come up with something.
  5. Ball joints are definitely something better done with air tools. As far as the injection method, Ive done it before when I didnt have the money in hand to replace the component. The best way to stop a squeak is to put a tiny hole in the boot and then spray penetrating lubricant into using the little red straw that comes with the can. BUT thats not a permanent fix. Usually if its squeaking that means theyre on theyre way out and should just be replaced.
  6. With the loads on a BJ, a HD grease is needed. I have used a needle injector before but it can be a real FPITA to get the grease to go through the needle (it wants to pop the needle attachment off the gun's fitting instead. Like a backpressure issue). I clean the boot afterwards and put a dab of silicone where the puncture was.

    You do not want to lose a BJ - you can end up sliding down the road on the frame. If you can, get the arms Matt mentioned. I paid 160 shipped IIRC.

    Good luck.
  7. I had some squeaks up fount and I sprayed some oil on the 4 control arm bushings and it went away ( the 4 large bolts were the lower attaches to the K) This might be worth a shot

    Later on I replaced the bushing with energy suspension bushings and new ball joints
  8. I bought the cobra A-arms with the new ball joints... wasn't too bad of a swap. These other methods seem pretty half arsed. Do it right the first time... but if you are going to get new A-arms, think about where your going with the setup, i.e. would you ever go for tubulars w/ coilovers, or is that not a logical commodity for you at the moment?

    Just something to think about it... but do it right the first time, it pays off in the end.
  9. The methods described were all listed as "temporary fixes" to get him past the squeak for the time being until he can fix it permanently. I think if he has the tools to do so hed be better off replacing the ball joints with some better quality ones that have a grease fitting. Unless hes all for replacing the control arm. But dont a lot of them have low friction i.e. non greasable ball joints?