Squeaky Front End

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by redragtop 01, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. my 2001 convertible has a dry squeaky sound most noticeable at low speeds when turning the steering wheel.i have read this could be the ball joints,tie rods or ends,or bushings.i also read these are not greaseable anymore,so replacement is the answer,it seems.how do i tell what needs replacing,and what does not,or just do it all?just got the car,runs well,other than the noisy clutch pedal i understand is common in these cars.any advise is appreaciated.thanks.
  2. A lot of these sedans "squeak" when the ball joints are dry. If this happens, they are experiencing friction, and if they can't be lubed, replacement is the likely only fix.

    When the car is parked, engine off, try "bouncing" each side of the car in front. You may be able to make the squeak occur, and if so, it's possibly the ball joints. A mechanic will be able to test them for play as well by jacking up each side of the car, and using a pry lever to lift the bottom of the wheel up against the pressure from the suspension. If the ball joints make a "click" sound that usually means there is play in them and replacement is recommended.
  3. My ball joints squeaked. I knew it was the ball joints when I looked under my 2000 and saw the rubber was gone. I'd just had a frontend alignment two days before I noticed them .lol Needless to say the mech got a piece of my mind.