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  1. so I installed a new clutch,h pipe,and b&m short throw.... replaced throw out and pilot bearing
    and it still squeals until I put the weight of my foot on the peddle???????
    had the same problem with the other clutch......I only have stock cable with no adjusters....will a firewall adjuster fix this?
    thanks cam
  2. It all depends on what's squeaking!
    I would imagine it could be the cable itself, as they can get small splits and openings and get dust collected etc. So, you may want to see if you can lube up the cable inside the sleeve or not. Also, a firewall adjuster may fix it simply because you'd probably move things around and redo some of it.
    You sure your pedal isn't squeaking from just being loose? Take the pedal apart and see if you can't find any spots where it's rubbing funny or something. Everyone places there foot slightly different so you may have put some side pressure on it funny or something over time and wore it out in a strange way.
    If this is the case, a small skinny washer may solve your problems, or some grease somewhere.
    Just start pulling simple things apart and playing with it. Or, try sparying a little wd-40 into areas it sounds like it's making the noises and you may just find it go away!
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  3. well I put the firewall adjuster in it and it went away for 2 days....now its back? its defenetly at the tob...im stumped because I lubed everything properly....and sometimes it gets louder when you rest your fot on it...the noise is at the back of the engine
  4. Squeaks are annoying, and as annoying as they are, they are just as annoying to get at sometimes. Gotta take it apart to find it man, sorry to say. Look for anything that has rubbed metal to metal. Follow the cable down and have someone do the pedal for you. Means getting under the car, so a friend with a lift may help.
  5. Don't take anything apart. Don't spray WD40 in there unless you want to ruin your clutch.

    Try a return spring on the clutch fork. The stock adjuster puts the TOB into constant contact with the pressure plate fingers. The aftermarket adjusters don't, so the fork is free to flop back & forth bouncing the TOB off of the pressure plate giving you 'chirping.' Giving it more slack doesn't help, there's nothing pulling the fork away. Tightening it up (or putting gentle pressure on the pedal) will stop the chirp but puts you back into constant contact with the plate fingers, making your TOB wear out much more quickly. Anyone who has an aftermarket adjuster without a return spring who claims they don't have chirping has adjusted their TOB to where it's touching the pressure plate at rest.

    They used to sell one called the "LDC Chicago Clutch Freeplay Correction Kit." Can't find those any longer but you could easily make your own. That silenced my chirping instantly, took up the dead-spot on top of the pedal motion, keeps the TOB from wearing out prematurely, and took all of 10 minutes to install.

    If you think about our linkages, every aftermarket adjuster should come with this setup (look at any old cable-driven non-self-adjusting clutch linkage and you'll see a return spring). The chirping will quickly destroy a TOB so don't let it go too long.

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  6. I went to the parts store got a throttle retun spring hooked it on and voila....now my clutch fork cover is off....should I tin snip a hole in it
    will my clutch slip in the rain while its off? I know its not good leaving it off..but for now I have to(or deal with the chatter) whats my best option?
  7. I'm glad to hear it helped the noise. Eventually you might want to replace it with a round spring from the hardware store like you see in the link above. That way you can keep the cover in place. If it's really wet out I'd consider putting the cover on even if you have to modify it a little bit. I don't think the fork is in a place that's going to get exceptionally wet, but I'd hate to see it wreck your clutch if it got really soaked. Personally I wouldn't hesitate to put a couple of snips into it and bend a piece out of the way, easy to bend it back later. But that's up to you as my car isn't exactly 'concourse correct.' :)
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  8. ya well I have only one rainy day to drive it like that...when I get home ill make the cuts.
  9. I would do it tonight but its raining sideways....lol
  10. well that's what ill build then thanks again!