Squealing when cold

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by SaleenGT2001, May 13, 2008.

  1. my car has started making a squealing noise in the mornings or after it has been sitting for a while. at first i thought it was an idler pulley going bad but now i think it is the belt. i can spray the belt with WD40 and it will quiet down for a few seconds and then start back making noise. once it has been driven for 10min or so there is no noise at all till it sits again. anyone else ran into this?
  2. My old gt did tha exact same thing...but i never fixed it...so im not sure what the exact cause was.But on my dads ranger he had the same prob,it was the tensioner and the same for my moms Taurus.
  3. my tensioner has less than 500 miles on it
  4. :shrug: Guess it could be the idler.I cant remember ever having a belt that would only squeal when it was cold...norm they squeal all the time or when the ac is running.:shrug: Dont think I could be a faulty tensioner.Guess it wouldnt hurt to change the idler,they dont cost too much.
  5. thats a belt. replace the belt and it will be gone
  6. mine does the same, but only when its moist or very rainy outside and car sits in the garage not outside. im not sure why, but on dry days it doesnt make any noise like. On wet days it makes the squeal =[
  7. you do know that wd-40 isnt a lubricant right? its actually a solvent. you shouldnt be using it on your belt. over time it will break down rubber. and iam talking from experience here.
  8. why not just remove the belt, then carefully spin everything by hand, as well as trying to "wobble" everything. Water pump, P/S pump, AC compressor pulley, idlers, and tensioner. If all feels smooth with no side-play, replace the belt. If any pulley feels sloppy or rough when spinning, replace that first.

    Most times a belt squeals, it is a symptom of a problem, not the actual cause...
  9. look at the tensioner and see if it is in the middle of travel(belt too long)some tensioners have marks were they should be,otherwise replace belt like stated
  10. new GREEN HD belt is on and it isnt squealing on start up. we'll see how long that will last.
  11. The new belt should solve your problems. When i first had my vortech setup installed the belt would squeal only when it was cold also. My shop said it was because the belt was slipping, that was why it chirped and once it warmed up, it would go away. I was having belt shredding problems because the belt was one size to big every time i went into boost. Once we went down a size in belts, its been good ever since.