Squeeking #@%% Brakes Yet Again

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by marvinmycat, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. OK, I posted this awhile back where my new pads and two rotors were squeeking during braking. Eventually, the noise went away. Now it's back.

    My problem is on a 98 3.8L vert. I finally got around to painting my calipers on the driver's side, and I didn't go anywhere near the rear of the calipers (where no one would see that they are unpainted). But I did paint everything that was visible, including some of the pads themselves. I know, lazy bastage when it comes to taping off areas!

    The rear right, and sometimes rear left brakes squeek. They squeek when I first apply the brakes after the car has been sitting for a few hours. Then, when I drive off, I can hear them squeeking again, sometimes it is a pulsating squeek that coinsides with the rotation of the tire.

    The squeek is not a high-pitched squeek, but more of an almost higher pitched droaning noise; a pitch lower than the pitch of our horns if that helps.

    I get squeeking also when applying light braking at lower speeds. The car still stops perfectly fine, but the squeeking drives me nuts and somewhat worries me.

    Any ideas on this would greatly be appreciated.
  2. R they cheap break pads?
  3. I wouldn't say they're cheap. They're McPherson pads and rotors. Pretty much stock replacements.
  4. my mechanic friend told me that sometimes even with new pads some of them sqeek. i know its not the answer you want to hear but he said its because there may be some sort of a flaw in the pad itself. like it may have been poured into the mold wrong or any number of things.
  5. Did you use the anti squeel lube on the back of the pads when they were installed? My back brakes squeel ever so slightly still since the last time I changed them. I don't think there is anything you can do. Try useing the anti squeel stuff on it, that may reduce the sound. :shrug:
  6. I've heard this too. I've been told by shops that some brake pads do squeek, but it is normal... :shrug:
  7. Brakes and rotors were installed professionally. Anti squeek crap was used and I complained about this before, and they replaced my rear pads thinking it was a hard spot on a pad. After that, everything was fine.

    Then the weather changed, and I painted my two remaining rotors. The only problem is that the one rear brake on the side I painted months ago is now giving me problems. I checked to make sue there wasn't any paint flakage, and it all looks good. Infact, both the rear brakes systems look just damned fine.

    Like I said, after the car sis for awhile, it makes the groaning/squeeking noise. If I drive on the Thruway (60 miles), and don't use brakes hardly ever, when I get to the toll booth, there's that damned sound again!

    I've no idea what's going on.
  8. MarvinMyCat:

    I too had the same problem. Took them back and had the pads replaced (ceramic to semi metallic if I'm not mistaken). It might just be the problem with your pads. After the second change there is now only slight squeaking. And yes this is when the car is cold and hasn't been running. Also happens when it begins to rain. Rainy weather actually seems to exacerbate the problem until the brakes warm up. This might also hold true for snow. Also has your car been in an accident recently? If so check your axle, if it's off just slightly it will cause squeaking due to metal to metal contact.

    Hope this helps.

    Doc :flag:
  9. Yup, it makes that noise when it has been rained on as well. The Mustang has never been in an accident, so that isn't the problem. I guess sheeling out some serious dough for some slotted rotors and upgraded pads will be the only thing to get rid of the squeeling/groaning. Or spray down the rotors with WD40! Ummm, Derrrr, DUH!!!! That'll fix it! :rolleyes: