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  1. The one thing about our cars is if you start off on the wrong foot it's a big pain in the butt to go back and start over. If you start modding your Stang without all the information you can find you might go in the wrong direction and decide later you want to use different components. Sub frames are one of those items I would want to make sure I was using the right part for my future game plan. Especially since I plan to do more mods to the suspension. It's best to kind of stay with one company whether it's MM, Griggs, KB, Global West, or whoever. That is the reason for my over informative post. Because I have been researching for the last 3 weeks and am still undecided.
  2. I feel ya but for this fella or for others that are trying to get their rides road worthy (maintainence stuff) and aren't building a garage kept weekend toy, $1000 worth of subframe connectors isn't money well spent at this point in the game. Really unless one is making a track car what what need would one have for a setup like the matrix or whatever? Is he gonna be pullin' 2g's turning in the tacobell drive through?
  3. That is why I posted a pic and description of the general offerings, from mild to wild. My car is a daily driver. And I am going with the extreme matrix kit, or the Griggs through the floor kit. Mostly because it is a vert, and I may decide to do some Autocross events some day. Other than that if I find myself on a twisty road in the middle of nowhere I run the he!! out of it.
  4. I went with the latemodel resto house brand cheapos. Boxed steel is boxed steel. Now if I was really gonna beat on er ( track car) I'd put more into the subs but for the cruise around town and the occasional romp on the throttle it wouldn't be $ well spent for me. Wheels and tires came in and some of the ac parts that I ordered came in, hope to get the rest by Monday so I can put er in the shop as to have some cold air blowin on me. Really I'm hopping to have it ready for Saturday around noon, I wanna slap the wheels on sat am and dive er to a fam party but I'm not gonna take er the 30 mi venture w no ac
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