Sr Cold Air Intake Rusting

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  1. I bought a SR cold air intake from American Muscle 3 years ago. The piece of sheet metal that holds the tube p and separates the filter from the engine compartment has quite a bit of rust on it. I asked a shop and they said that happens with some cold air intakes that are "Cheaper" as he put it.

    Now this is actually a 3 part question.

    1. Is there a problem that water is getting to this piece? I do not see another way for water to be guided any where else.
    2. Should there be some kind of piece on top of the quarter panel to guide the water somewhere?
    3. Anyone have any solutions?

    Thanks for any input 20131015_185417.jpg 20131015_185424.jpg 20131015_185433.jpg
  2. Any part made of "Steel" chromed, painted etc. will eventually look like this. Try to buy parts made of Aluminum.