Drivetrain SROD curiosity

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  1. Thinking about my 1979 302 fox got me wondering about the tranny problems I had. When I got it, first gear would sometimes pop out, even pushing it in place. I eventually jammed out first gear and the shop had a horrible time getting it right. A T-5 swap would have been a better deal back then. It took a first gear, syncro, shift fork and I do not remember what all with the many trips into the shop. The shop ran a piece of hose with a breather from the vent to the front of the car to keep the gear oil (not auto tranny fluid like a new tranny) from running/foaming over. That looked like a red neck fix.

    So what fluid should they have put in???? What would have made the SROD pop out of first gear???
  2. The SROD transmission uses 80w gear oil and the T5 uses Dexron/Mercon automatic trans fluid.
  3. They should have filled with GL-4 gear oil, which it sounds like they did(at least the gear oil part).
  4. OK. So that still leaves the not holding first gear. I had the stock shifter, so it was not a shift stop bolt adjustment like you could do in a T5.
  5. Bad syncros or chipped/broken gear teeth will cause it to pop out of gear also a bad/bent shift fork will cause it too.
  6. It seems they replaced all those parts. But it was one part per "try it now"
    . And I think the shift fork was replaced twice, and the synco finally did it.
  7. Could be a worn gear. IT could be a worn shifter that's causing the problem too.