SRT-4 can wax a '05 Mustang GT?

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  1. No what I am saying is the srt4 engine is very well engineered and built. It provides an excellent platform for "serious" modding if so disired.

    stage kits are designed and sold by Mopar and work VERY well on the cars.

    The simple truth is that an srt4 with a stage 3 kit will dominate a 05 Mustang GT in straight line acceleration and still be dependable for the long run.

    you had stated:

    The amount of mods required to get that kind of power out of the SRT-4 greatly reduce the reliability. You can make power with most anything, but which one will still be around years from now? If you were to mod a 05 to the point that most of these teeny boppers do the ricers it would be untouchable.

    I contend that stage 3 DOES NOT "greatly" reduce reliabilty, and the SRT4 engine as the platform will "still be around years from now"...

    Now granted it's still a Neon...... just a fast one :D

  2. Based on the part you quoted, he said that if you modded a mustang as much as this srt-4, the mustang would kill the srt-4 which is true
    Do the equivalent of a stage 3 package on a mustang and see what happens
    and I know that it does hurt reliabilty of the car, whether or not its drastic I don't know but you can't say it is making that power reliably
  3. Of course you can...... I have several friends pushing 500 rwhp in their cars and they are also pushing 50K on the odometer. Put 4K into the 05 Mustang and you won't be killing this variety SRT4 (your gonna need more like 10K)

    BTW: the 500 hp SRT4 is a force, even my pullied Cobra has a VERY tough time, especially from a roll against their cars.
  4. my friends srt-4 runs a 13.7sec basically everytime I dont think my mustang is slower then him even if he has a boost controller
  5. SRT 4 for sure at the Track, maybe not so much on the street.

    Local guys got the fastest Stock turbo/ No Nos , his numbers
    2.4L Stock tubo 3000lbs

    306.6 WHP
    379.9 TQ SAE

    Best 60 foot: 1.705
    Best 1/8 Mile ET: 7.695
    Best 1/8 Mile MPH: 90.21
    Best 1/4 Mile ET: 12.072
    Best 1/4 Mile MPH: 115.09
    Home Track: Norwalk Raceway park [ohio]

    :lock: :rolleyes: :flag:
  6. I will take my slow " '05 Mustang GT" over an SRT-4 any day of the year, even if they can wax me :) Everytime I look at her, start her up, hear the rumble, step on the gas, feel the force, step on the brakes, step on the gas again, hear the rumble, feel the force, step on the brakes, step on the gas again, hear the rumble, feel the force, step on the brakes, step on the gas again, hear the rumble, feel the force, step on the brakes, step on the gas again, hear the rumble, feel the force, step on the brakes, step on the gas again, hear the rumble, feel the force :) :) She's beautiful :)
  7. Agree :lol:

    Who care about neons? :notnice:

    I've seen some fast stuff the track that I would take if it were free.

    someone is allways faster so who gives a crap........
  8. i some how dont see an SRT4 beating a 05 stock for stock. I raced one in my 2.3 turbo swapped 92 lx yesterday and i beat him by atleast half a car length. And i am pretty sure the 05 Gts are faster then my car. Atleast they feel like they are.

  9. LMAO!

    Spot on! :nice:
  10. Just to add to the debate. I was at the track last night. My fourth and last run was against an SRT-4 Neon. I am almost certain he said he had the Stage 2 kit on his, which I know is not the same as the Stage 3. Time slip is posted on my CarDomain page .

    I am the right lane. We started neck and neck, got almost exactly the same jump. But I just gradually and steadily pulled away until I crossed under the line at 14.104.

    This was my first time taking a car, any car, down the 1/4. I think he had said he had done this once or twice. He knew enough to bring a bag of ice to cool down his engine between runs (I hadn't thought of that).

    So, my mods are in my signature. How impressive this is or isn't, I don't have the experience to judge. With that said...

    It was incredibly cool, I thought, to beat an SRT-4! :nice:
  11. ive been seriously considering trading my 02 GT for an SRT-4, but i love the sound of my GT, but man i like fast cars, Mustangs are kind of letting me down, i used to think they were so fast but they are not really, i mean sure they are faster than %80 of the cars you see day to day on the road, but if a lil neon can spank my GT then it makes me feel like GTs are all noise and no go. to run with anything fast you have to have a cobra. 05 GTs STILL cant beat discontinued LS-1s....its sad. I could buy a neon, tune it up for a little money and like it was said, make a cobra nervous. if i do buy a mustang again i will never make the mistake of buying a GT, ill only buy a mach, cobra or any other upgraded mustang. not a stock GT.

    you have to respect the SRT-4, basically what happened is it was designed by dodge enthusiasts, took the lil neon and said "what if we threw a turbo on this thing?"

    neon or not it will still take most of our almighty mustangs. makes me sick,, but its damn true.
  12. Respect the cars because they are fast sure. As stated, they're still little four door neons that chicks think are adoriable. I could care less if a stage 3 neon can wax me. My car will always sound better than his, and my car will always look better.

    Girls Perspective:

    Neons - Cute and Adoriable

    Mustang - Badass,Powerful, and Sexy

    The debate will continue forever. Which is really annoying. For a little autocross car I wouldn't mind owning an SRT-4, but for a DD and weekend car I'd rather have my 05' GT.
  13. I'm thankful that many people prefer the SRT-4s, G35s, 350Zs, GTO's etc. Without them, many of us would not be in our Stangs :)

  14. Not stock. A front wheel drive car cutting a 1.7 60 ft? Absolutlely no way.
    2.4 Stock ARE NOT 306 WHP...
  15. He said stock TURBO (not a "stock" car)
  16. I suppose it would help the SRT due to the temps from the turbo but a bag of ice would do wonders for the GT motor. These things get heat soaked rather easily. I was letting my engine cool in 80 and 90+ heat for almost a half hour between runs and I still got 8 1/4mile trips before the end of the night.

  17. Sorry, this is really funny to me. not a joke, but,.. seriously funny to me.

    I use to have 2 mustang GT's,.. I still have my first!! :) god I love that car...

    Anyway, recently, I purchased,.. ohh god, here we go.. an SRT-4. (I drive alot for a living) the entire time, when I was signing the papers, I was "what the hell am I doing..." The SRT doesnt have the heritage , doesnt have the romance.. hell.. doesnt even have the name.. "Mustang" but you know what?.. its a fun little car.

    its quick, it has 4 doors.. front wheel drive.. American made (for the most part)..

    Do I love Mustangs still?.. hell yeah!!! do I hate the srt??.. naa, I like it. neet little car.

    my .02
  18. stock vs stock? No. The srt4 will keep up from a roll enough for the 05 to say "dam thats a quick little car" but from a dig, even less of a chance.

    now if the srt4 had a couple mods then its a totally different story. my buddy's srt4 rapes me whole, my gt is basically stock (At the time we raced i had a 75mm tb/plenum combo, Diablo tuner, demolet cai, march udp's), and he had a AGP Wastegate, large Perrin Front mount, Stage1 ECU, full 3" Turboback exhaust. from a stop, it was more even until higher speeds, but from a roll, he instantly had the advantage. he ran a [email protected] vs my [email protected]

    fun cars though, relatively cheap to mod (unless you do the dumbed down mopar staged route) and pretty reliable unless you do things half assed (then again, that goes for any modded car). i think the biggest thing that gives them a bad rep is their stupid owners, though nowadays those owners are getting less and less prevalent.
  19. 300 FWHP :D
  20. Nosfurato, for a founding member, I'm quite annoyed that you searched for Neon posts just to try to start crap. This post has been retired for 5 months, and the other post for 2. Just my .02
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