SRT-4 can wax a '05 Mustang GT?

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 S-197 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by Aftrbrnr, Jul 3, 2005.

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  1. People the bring back threads from 2 years ago for no apparent reason should be shot dead and then banned.
  2. No I have a 06 GT And was racing a 350z Touring,with a srt4 filming (passenger),50k on the interstate,left the srt4 about 5 lengths at about 140mph.The 350z did a little better and hung with for a while.
  3. 08-09-05 is a year and a half ago :D
  4. I have no defense to this, like I said, I purchased it not long ago.. I love my mustangs,.. why do you think im out to start crap? i gave my honest opinion on what I think of the SRT.. I can live with it,.. if you cant?.. thats your problem.

  5. You know, im feeling a bit burned right now.. kinda pissed... I will answer with this.. yes, I love my mustangs,.. yes.. I still have 2 of them, (mustangs) .. but answer me this. Can your mustang trap 112 mph in the 1/4??... because my lil POS neon can.....
  6. SRT4?

    Bring it!
  7. I haven't been out to the track, so I don't know. My arguement was not about that. I'm not disputing that SRT's are quick. Again, you're trying to start an arguement. My only annoyance is that you would come on a Mustang board and dredge up posts to start stuff. It just makes no sense to me. What would make someone just search for neon and start replying to old posts? Especially a founding member. It makes no sense. End of conversation. I've said my piece. If you think it's the right thing to do, enjoy.
  8. Well said.
  9. SRT-4's in stock trim are a driver's race between a 99 - 04 Mustang GT. An 05 GT has no worries about a stock SRT-4 at any speed providing the GT is in the right gear for the speed it is travelling.

    The track I go to, about 7 - 8 SRT-4s go to it. The best any of them have ever ran in stock trim is a 14.2, most runs are mid 14's which is right on par with the 99 -04 GT's at that track. The best I have ever seen a stock SRT-4 go is 14.3. My 05 GT has went 13.71( same day as that 14.3 ) in stock trim and I know there is a few tenths in that car yet... I just need a little more seat time to get it out of it. I am trapping about 4 - 5 MPH higher than stock SRT-4's are as well.

    Just my $0.02 CDN.:D

  10. OK boys, settle down, like I said before,.. im not out to start anything.. yes, ive been a member of this forum for a while.. no, I am by no means bashing anyones mustang..

    And I agree, with the above.. stock for stock.. i'd say the 05 mustangs would outrun the srt.

    I originally posted because I did a quick search to find out what you guys thought of the cars, a few of you gave so honest non-agressive replies, and I thank you for that. to the others?.. well.. if I upset anyone, im sorry. but, like ive said before. I love my mustangs,.. but.. my lil SRT is a quick lil bastard too.

    Ohh and yes, the srt does SUCK MAJOR BALLS from a standing start. not bad from a roll.. but god, power+fwd+small tires=spin city.

    For example. ok,.. mine doesnt run 112mph. it ran a best of 13.52 @111.78
    first time at the track with it, I still have no idea how to get the damn thing moving off the line. I think the 60ft was a 2.4 somethin.. horrible.

    Fun little car, but hell.. a stock fox body with gears and drag radials prolly would have beat me at the track lol

    Anyway, like Ive said. I wasnt trying to start anything.. just looking for an honest opinion. Maybe I did come across as a smartass, im sorry. I got a little steamed about the whole "founding member" comment from before. So, i'll take the blame for that one I guess.

    Again, im sorry. wasnt out to bash, .. start a flame fest.. or anything like that.

    Have a drink on me.. :cheers:

    see ya round.
  11. It's funny to see people get all sore over faster, less favorable cars.

    It is what it is and you can't change that. Mustangs were never about brute speed, it was a pony car meant to be affordable and give reasonable performance.

    Look, anything with boost can easily be made faster as opposed to going the NA route.

    Look at the Grand Nationals back in the day, gear, converter, exhaust for an 11 second slip.

    mmm to have a sleeper GN; then I would decimate the 5rts for the win. lol
  12. The GNs are nasty for sure. Larger turbo and mods with stock engine size and they were in the 9s!!!!!
  13. I remember one day I was sitting outside drinking a beer at LB0193's house and this GN rolls by, driver staring at us, foot off of the gas and was just coasting by; well as he was a block down I heard the turbo spool up loud as day and LB0 and I just shook our heads.

    The GN was rolling on 28's so I knew something was up.
  14. GN's are the snake in the grass,.. you never know when, if,.. and how hard you will be bitten.

    I did not buy the SRT to be the biggest mofo on the block. It has four hatches, it quick.. front wheel drive .. (trying to start a fam) I know for a fact there are mustangs out there that will blow my "4" doors off lol

    I good friend of mine has a Mustang capable of high 8's. (on the bottle)

    But, I understand why you guys dont like the SRt-4 croud.. most of them are young, in your face.. no idea what they are talking about....

    But, consider this, (as they should) the SRT's.. if worked on, are no joke.. same goes to the mustangs.

    Being a mustang owner for years, I'd run an SRT-4 from a dig. from a roll??.. that can be dangerous.

    I guess the old saying stands.. "killem all, let God Sortem out!!" on the track of course...

    Boys, I love you guys,.. keep the Pony croud proud!! dont let some BS talkin teens beat you down.

    I like my SRT!, but.. I LOVE my MUSTANGS!!!!!

    Nuff said I think..

    End of thread?
  15. Somewhere at sometime, there is always somebody faster/quicker than you...
    In that clip, it appears as if the Stang driver got a much better jump on the light judging by the rest of the race it never drove off anymore.
  16. you know... i have a good story about a neon... i have 2 stangs BUT... i was in a mazda speed.. all stock aftermarket blowoff valve and my ricer friend told me a funny fact.. all str4's no matter how many options you get you can only get crank rear windows... so right after this story a srt4 pulls up to race and my buddy goes hey a$$holes look at this and powered both rear windows down.. needless to say they got upset and turned at the next sidestreet and never raced us..... now i love to do that everytime i see one if i have a 4 door car.....
  17. You can't outrun ugly :shrug:

  18. The listed top speed on the SRT-4 was like in the 150's. I love GT's but is there enough brute force in that V8 to beat that tuned car?
  19. Sure there is. Remember, Ford purposely limits the Mustang at a certain speed for cost reasons.
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