1. its a nice car i drove one and it felt good up top but down low you miss that good ole torque
  2. i test drove one also its rather quick no doubt just not all the hype is made up to be, i guess if you go from a civic to a srt4 it would seem like much more of a jump. definatly quick for what it is and the price but i would rather have a gt and do the same performance, lower end power increase, look tons better, and do it NA
  3. UGLY AS SIN. FWD. I wouldnt want one. Much better cars out there. 99 Cobra? :shrug:
  4. I went with the 03 GT. Before I bought mine I tested a wrx, and a GTI vr6 then I drove the GT the decision was easy for me. As for the mileage I have 3 73 gears now and I average 21.5 to 23 mpg. As for the performance I've lined up with several wrx and srt-4s I smoked em all ! I know the wrx's had some work done too, not sure about the srt- 4 s they just took off before I could ask them anything. Better get insurance quotes though, so you can budget for those payments. And as for price I paid $20,217.00 + tax hope this helps ya
  5. Well If i was gonna get a four door front wheel drive that ran 14's....I would be looking at a GTP. At least it doesn't look like ass.
  6. Ok and it costs a neon 1000 dollars to get into the 12's...so oh well..
  7. yes...but the neon is about the same price as a decent v6 mustang. Therefore, if you spent the 5000 to turbo your car and the neon spent the same 5000 to upgrade all its turbo parts, it would still be ahead...There are plenty of neons right now in the 11's with under 3000 dollars of mods..

  8. Yes but thats why those gangsters sit so low down in there rides...cause its a neon and looks like ass, they don't want to be seen in a piece o crap even if does 11's, I would rather drive a pinto so no one would notice. :nonono:
  9. well thats u...not me...lol
  10. I am a little late getting into the conversation and I don't own a latemodel but My friend has an SRT-4 and he cannot stand it....better gas mileage yes, but factor in the premium gas, which is very expensive now and you will be paying about the same as you would for a V8. Now why the hell would you pay more to have less cylinders. Plus neons are the easiest thing to rice. And you wouldn't want to do something stupid like that now would you. Make the smart choice.....go for the 04GT. 2 doors with a back seat is just as good...
  11. Just a thought, but maybe the $3000 is spent on the biggest bottle of nitrous that would fit........just a thought
  12. oh...don't make me link u to my definition of rice thread....ill do it!

    the 3000 dollars is spent on a turbo/intercooler upgrade, boost controller and port polish intakes with a cam/maybe head port/polish.

    haha, the 04 gt will full coverage will cost you 130 dollars more a month insurance if you are 16 and a male. 30mpg at 2 dollars is just as good as 23-25mpg at 1.80.

    U know i saw the funniest crap the other day that changed my mind about neons... an 03 cobra with a chip and pulley getting drug by a neon. They went from a 20 roll and the neon was ahead by 2 by about 100. And both drivers were decent but not great...that has to be funniest crap ever. I love mustangs but I still think its funny when someone pays so much for their brand new performance car then gets outdone by another brand new "performance car" that was 15,000 cheaper.

    The neon i am speaking of had about 5000 dollars into it and had pretty much a completely built engine w/ turbo/intercooler upgrades.

  13. you know, i've heard a bunch of people over at the SRT-4 forums say that, and the last time i checked, none of them could prove it. my friend has atleast $2k in his and he's running 12.6-12.8 on slicks.

  14. Your a ricer in Mustang clothing aren't you! Admit it Traitor!!!! :notnice:
  15. if i spent 5 grand on my car i could prolly pull 04 cobras also :shrug:
  16. Is that Chevy's new car that is in competition with the SRT-4? I forget what they are called...

    Anyways, those SRT-4s can get FAST. Now would I buy one? No, if I bought a car it would be a 01 Trans Am WS6. All I can say is respect the SRT now, but after those things get 100k miles, they will be dead.

    As for Dodge's reliability, I have a 94 Dodge Ram 1500 360, short box, 4x4 with 180,000 miles and the only thing we have replaced was the tranny and the front axle seal (which was expensive :mad: ). All Rams from 94-98 ( I think 98) had the tranny cooler BEHIND the A/C Condensor, which gets damn hot. Thus no cooling was really happening. Considering all we have done with this truck (bought with 130,000 miles) and overall, I will buy another Ram. It has been a wonderfull beast.
  17. if you need a 4-door, get one of the older (early to mid 90's?) impala SS's, they are still a sports car, but its a 4-door, and dont let gas bother you, you can always buy more, its not a big enough of a deal to make the decision between what you want and what you get
  18. :stupid: