1. haha not 03 cobras with a chip and pulley upgrade. And spending 5000 might get u close but you still wouldnt be able to pull them top end unless ur making more power...which i will really doubt for only 5000.
  2. No, but I respect cars that I feel deserve respect. You see a neon, I see a wolf in sheeps clothing...
  3. or, what it really is, a mitsubishi in sheeps clothing?

  4. Hey I have respect for the import crowd if they do it up right, I think most would know what that means.

    The Scion, I saw an ad for that, But I forget what it was, I think it was a toyota, and it comes with 160HP, but I didn't see what it comes with TC?? Although the comercial was pretty kick ass, made me wanna buy a Neon :p
  5. :lol: :rlaugh: ..it's true.. :nice:
  6. check and see how much the insurance is gonna be. The insurace is actualy rising on the srt cause so many parents are getting the for there teenagers as first cars and it just to much pwr for a first car.

    Think the best reason to get an SRT would be casue it is in the price range that you can afford and you want or need a 4door and do not want to give up having a quick car.
  7. teh scion TC iz TeH FaystEstz CuR Evah!!!!!111one!!!11

  8. 15000 =/ 20000
  9. we pretty much all know that if we had the money to do big mods right away we would have just bought the next level up in car.

    hell if we had all the credit we do now we would have just waited and got a cobra most likly.

    but since we didn't we are now fixijng up the SRT to be a bit faster.

    Also it comes down to what people like and want. We wanted a 4 door vehicle (although for a cobra we would have over looked that) and decent mpg, and insurance rates. Those were our requments at the time cause of money.
  10. srt4-ghey
    Mustang GT=good
    Engine size doesn't have as much to do with gas milage as you might think, its how you drive, my 5.0 got 21mpg ALL CITY.
  11. I can't believe this thread is still going after nearly 2 weeks. What are we talking about again? :scratch:
  12. the paradox of the chicken and the egg maybe?
  13. yes, i believe thats exactly what we were originally talking about...
    It was obviousely the rooster that cam first, the god took a rib out of the rooster and made the hen out of it, which then laid the egg.
    -Im Agnostic-
  14. jebus isn't real
  15. no, he may not be, but i believe there is a 'god' or atleast a higher power (the point of agnosti...cism)
  16. Yeah, stop it already with the srt4 = Glorified Neon :bs: !!!

    To each their own :spot:
  17. You can't compare like that. You can't take the msrp of one car and the best deal you can get of the other. Mustang v6's msrp around 18000 generally.