1. That is just a lie. They don't base insurance off of how many parents are buying the cars for their teenagers. They base it off of cost of repairs, performance, and about 100 other factors none of which include the fact that more people are buying the car.

  2. Sorry bout that wasn't as clear as what I meant to be. That was my fault.

    By that I meant to put in also that there are ton's of SRT-4's turning up totaled all over the place at least 1 or 2 a week it seems and a lot of people have been having there insurance rise up some cause the insurance companies are rating the srt as high risk now.

    One guy on the forums acutally was told by his insurnace company that they personaly rate the SRT higher in risk than the Cobra.
  3. Some of you guys seem a little jealous/sour about the SRT-4's.

    "It's still a Neon" is shouted the V6 Mustang crowd...
    "V6 Mustangs are for chicks" is shouted back by the SRT-4 crowd...
    "You have 4 doors" the V6 Mustang crowd shouts...
    "You have no backseat" says the SRT-4 crowd...
    "You have quality control issues" V6 Mustang crowd howles...
    "You have ... ... ..." SRT-4 crowd hoots...
  4. and, so ure point is... they are a little jealous and sour about us? maybe we shuld just learn to accept them as competition, or what have you...
  5. WHAT!? OK!!!! YEAHHHH!!!!
  6. What exactly would someone owning an SRT-4 because jealour or sour about when it comes to a V6 Mustang?
  7. that good old kick-in-the-pants V6 hp? :shrug:
  8. *cough* v6 torque *cough*
  9. I dont care if the SRT is faster I simply hate its looks.
  10. exactly, there jealous of our looks and awesomness, and how we get all the bitaches!
  11. if ya need a car to get ya someone then I think you need to get out more and less time on the net. And the kinda chicks you might get with a v-6 should probably be tossed back in LOL LOL
  12. all kidding aside what is the hp and tq of the V-6?
  13. 225 at the fly.
  14. Which V6 is 225 at the flywheel? Stock?

  15. Think he meant tq. I got off my butt and actualy just looked it up.

    " 5-Speed Manual Transmission

    - V6 Engine

    - Horsepower: 190 hp @ 5250 rpm

    - Torque: 220 lb-ft. @ 2750 rpm"

    So that means that they put down about 160ish at the wheels hp wise. Or did they underate the pwr?
  16. My wife's 99 V6 Mustang put down 167/196 stock...in the ballpark of most.
  17. AHHA mine put down 245ftlbs stock...and 425ftlbs about $2500 later...damn tourqeless 4 bangers :)

  18. i agree.. thats really all that needs to be said... -4's are ugly but i respect em too...

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  19. Your car is cute.
  20. to answer the original question

    i would personally not buy either .... used wrx sti...