Expired SS Braided Fuel Hose, fittings, + etc...

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  1. FPR is sold. What's left is listed below.
    I have some used hoses and fittings from an Aeromotive kit. See photo, consisting of:
    All hose is braided SS. Mostly in good shape but not perfect. Fittings and hose are Aeromotive.
    *Edited because some of this sold. This is what's left....
    8"2-1/2" -8 hose with (1) straight hose end fitting
    51" -8 hose with (1) 90 fitting
    (2) -8 90 fittings

    (9) rubber lined hose mounting clips.
    Make offer.

    View attachment 138262
  2. fpr is sold all i have left is listed.
  3. Updated title to reflect the change.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.