SS Brake lines. Is this everything?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Ozz, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. Picked these up off ebay, want to make sure they have everything included.

    One pic shows the ends that each hose has, and the other shows 4 brass grommets (?) that are also here. Should I need anything else to install these?

  2. That should be it other then some brake flud. Those arent grommits, those are brash washers, they seal steal, on Steal parts. Make sure you put those on when you install them.
  3. Good, thanks. I knew they weren't grommets but I couldn't think of 'washer' at the moment, lol. (My head is still ringing from a concert last night)

    Thanks :)
  4. You should have 3 hoses total and the washers.
  5. The third hose is for the rear, if you don't have it and want it I have a rear one with all hardward never installed I would like to get rid of...

    The brass washers go on both sides of the eyelet

    end of line
  6. You mean for the Chassis to Axle line? I need one of those, if not, can you buy them?
  7. What will I be missing without that 3rd line? I'm moving up from stock brakes and won't be really getting on the brakes a lot, so if it's for extra performance I would say I can skip it. But if it is necesary, I'll probably take you up on it, Rick ;)
  8. What is the 3rd line for? :confused:
  9. The third line goes from the hardline on the chassis to the hardline on the axle. There are no rubber brake lines going from the axle to the brakes like on the front.
  10. Exactly, that is the line I have FOR SALE
  11. Rick- So why didn't you install the SS line for the rear? Or is that an extra?
  12. Rick you have a PM
  13. Rick let me know, I need that line, the one on my car is all cracked up, i was going to replace it with a rubber one, but if you have a SS piece I want it :) i'm putting discs in the back, and I don't feel safe with the discs and not replacing that line
  14. BlackFox50 I just PM'd you back;)

    I installed the fronts since I needed new lines, was going to do the rear when I built it, then I decided to build the car for NMRA Drag Radial and I now have Wilwood disc all around so I can't use it. It is just sitting on my shelf taking up space.
  15. Sent one right back Rick :)
  16. Well looks like the brake line is gone but......... if anyone needs any stock rear brake stuff I put all new drums, bads, hardware on less then 500miles before I did the rear up with the new Wilwood disc and 9" end set-up so I''ll sell all the parts for a great deal if anyone needs it, wheel cylinders and all harware included, even the lines in you need them.

    [email protected]