ss vs. foxbody

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  1. FoxstangGT vs 200CamaroSS for some highway fun ***
  2. Stock the stock the SS will not only walk away but completely run away from you.
  3. ooops,i was trying to post a video on a 90 gt slaughtering a ss on the highway,i will try to get the link.....
  4. heres the link on hpj forum vids.Just click on the that says "foxbodygt vs 2000ss camaro for some highway fun****,the gt completly slaughters the ss on the long run!
  5. Well ill be damned. But that stang isnt stock that camaro is. I think the camaro guy doesent know how to drive personally. Oh and this should be in talk.
  6. as much as i love the these cars. Theres no way that 5.0 was stock.
  7. The stang wasnt stock, I seen this vid a while ago....but the stang wasnt modded that much....let me say my friends white 2000 ss m6 from a 15 roll cut me a new ass hole 3 cars till 120 and I was spraing, but then agian i was only on 7 cylinders also
  8. HAHAHAHA.... that dude definitely got :owned:
  9. yup the mustang wasn't stock, no arguement on that part,but that shows how modded stangs are STRONG on dead stops,and on the long runs! That was good kill on that COCKY camaro owner!
  10. Stock my ass. I wish my stang could take a SS.
  11. Cool vid! :nice:
  12. There's no way the stang was stock, but I really don't see anyway of telling if the SS was or not.
  13. Nobody said the mustang was stock!,where are some of you guys getting that from? when the video ends and states the "mustang are all stock" and ls1 cannot be beaten" are all sarcasm! lol but i will tell you this,the mustang was (all motor 302) no power adder what so ever.
  14. I don't think anyone ever said it was stock, they just stated that a stock fox couldn't keep up with an ls1.
  15. read the above responses,please.
  16. What song was that playing in the background? It sounded like a Filter song or something.
  17. Now that.... was an asswoopin'! :owned: I'll say that the first two runs the foxbody did get the jump, but the last run the SS got the jump but only by a second. Did everyone notice how fast that car riped through second gear. He started at about 4500 and in about a second and a half he had to shift, and the front end about came off the ground. :nice:
  18. This probably should have been in talk, but I am so glad to see these videos on this site. I love it.

    The first video makes me wonder if the camaro was even racing? Who is to say that he didnt just pick on some 70 yr old grandma that he found on the interstate?
  19. anybody see the beginning chat? it says in thier sigs that both cars do 13s?