ss vs. foxbody

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  1. He found a pretty picture on the internet of someone elses car and said "gee i wish mine looked like that", then proceeded to post it as his avatar. His friend's black notch looks just like his car except grey instead of pink. They both took cars with decent paint jobs and sanded them down. Why?? I'll never understand it. :shrug: Don't worry if he accepts my challenge it'll be on vid and if someone hosts'll be posted ASAP.
  2. Right...well anyways now that sad story is out of the way. Do you accept my challenge?
  3. :hail2:
  4. better than sanding it down to pink my friend.

  5. Why do you avoid my questions? Josh has nothing to do with this. Do you accept my challenge? You said you could take a LS1 no problem. I have one and i'm calling you out! Do you accept?
  6. Once again answer the question. DO you accept my challenge?!
  7. Hahah pointing fingers now??? Josh isnt even here and doesnt post here, so why bring him into it?

    Were talking about you and your car, both of which sound like they have issues.

    Just race the LS1, afterall if you lose you are either a bad driver or the LS1 has nitrous!
  8. he's too **** to reply Brian cause he knows he will get beaten badly.
  9. Hahah, you have no track times, and I can tell you you dont have too much power.

    My dads LX ran 12.11, you better believe Id be ,id to high 12s on street radials. i even went 12s on my car on street tires.

    So now your scared, not right in the head and cant drive!!!

    Leave the site...
  10. fine we'll go from a roll on the highway. You name the time and the place. cause we know LS1's have no topend :rolleyes:

  11. Excuses excuses excuses. That's all i hear. Get in your car i'll get in mine we'll go meet on the highway RIGHT NOW and race.
  12. So you dont accept???

    HAhah I have never heard soo much BS talk from someone who has never been to the track. I thought Gtechs tell the whole story???