ss vs. foxbody

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by onefast945.0, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. Its because you duck and leave everytime he is willing to race. Sounds like someone cant back up his mouth...

    Hell id run his SS, and Im not even talking s**t.

  2. it's not raining moron. Come out of your cave more often and you'd know that. It's from a roll on the highway..stop making excuses let's go. It'll be over before 60mph anyways. Let me know how the polished muffler looks.

  3. again stop making excuses. Put up or shut up. If you want we can do it tommorow morning nice and early. Or even tonight.
  4. no unlike me you're just scared of the outcome.
  5. LOL hes the moron, yet you claim to know you can spin the tires at 100 mph on wet roads...


  6. weather looks good for tommorow? do you accept? 40mph roll tommorow morning. Put up or shut up. Stop making excuses. Everyone here knows you're stupid raph..put up or shut up. Do i really have to call josh and make him get you to race me?

  7. nah i just like putting morons in their place. I did it with caleb and now it's time to do it with you.
  8. All i have to say is wow... without any combo, track times or anything you claim 450 ft lbs of tq???

    whats the combo? Because b4 you changed your sig it was an intake and bolt ons on a stock 5.0!

  9. once again ducking me. Do you accept my challenge for tommorow morning?
  10. Everyone, its us three now... and Id believe Jeff over you...

    Answer, whats the combo???
  11. tommorow looks good. Ready to run? or are you ****ing out again?