ss vs. foxbody

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  1. Whats the combo and are you gonna run?
  2. Ok, let's do this one foolish point at a time:

    - Well, actually many do. The people that mod their Mustangs are people like us that are on these boards. While many Mustangs are modded, some are not. And, according to you, you have a mostly stock Mustang. Please refer to post 29 when you say "i def do have basically a stock stang. gears is my power mod."

    - Yes, I assume you are referring to the white coupe in the December 5.0 Mustang. However, I don't think you read the whole article. That car had other mods. It also had 39,000 granny miles on it. Those things aside, the guy that owned (he sold the car) it knows more about tuning a Mustang than almost if not all of us on this site. Believe me, he did not just slap the supercharger on and run those times. It took a lot of tuning.

    - Just gears? Otherwise 100% stock? I doubt it. Gears and traction, it can happen.

    - If you have a shot, I wouldn't consider your motor to still be stock.

    - Other mods? What other mods? It's important to know this. Cause with what you got, I don't think an LS1 is challenge for you either. It's a defeat. For people like Brian (25th), many LS1s are not a challenge even with his short list of mods. But that's cause he a.) knows how to drive his car, and b.) has his mods dialed in better than anyone I know.

    - I don't think I have to even comment on this because the stock LS1 is faster than the stock Mustang, regardless of the weight disadvantage.

    - I have taken an LS1 Camaro down the track. On stock radials, if you don't walk it off the line, it will go up in smoke also. Yes, a Mustang also has poor rear suspension. But that's all part of the idea of "Run what you brung." Seeing that you constantly make excuses for why you lose, you ignore this saying. Finally, if the notch were modded, then yes, it may beat the LS1. But a then it wouldn't be stock.
  3. aww looks like the LS1 killer pussied out. Was that a big suprise? Definitly not.
  4. Thanks for someone else trying to help this kid along. When noone agrees with him he might smarten up...

    I wouldnt even run LS1s with that cocky of an attitude. I know what they can and do do, and even the stock ones, that arent extremely fast are running my street tire mph! A roll race would put me behind, and the one in question on this post, would leave me many cars back from a roll! And my car makes the same power as your average out of the boc H/C/I car!
  5. Would someone please ban Raph130 or give him a "final chance"...the guy is just posting bologna (to put it nicely)...and is giving people dangerous information which could hurt their car...