SSBC Rear Disc and E Brake

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  1. Just wondering how people got the E brake to work with the SSBC rear disc kit?
    Is it better to use a lever like the Lokar system?

    Looking for ideas and pics if you got them.
  2. They won't was a bad design from the start that's why they went back to the "drum type" parking brake. I exhausted a lot of time and money and replacement calipers before I found this out and left them disconnected. If you adjust them to work they will drag and overheat your calipers. I finally switched to Ford Explorer disc brakes and they work great in both areas. I'm not a fan of SSBC and think their products are substandard. IMO
  3. If what Huey says is correct, which I have no reason whatsoever to doubt, then I do know of one option, although I don't know where to get it or what it costs. A few years ago, my mechanic was building a Cobra kit car with a Versailles rear for a customer that had a driveshaft mounted disk emergency brake. I got to know the guy who was having the Cobra built pretty well, and it was my understanding that this system worked well, but I will defer to others who have used this system and may have a different opinion. If I recall correctly, it was a MidStates Cobra kit, but I don't know if he got the e-brake kit from them.
  4. Man.. That’s not good.. Huey, you actually helped me along when I had some alignment issues with my brake kit..

    Ok well I have been leaving it in gear and using a wheel chock when I park it.
    I guess I will have to keep doing that from now on…

    How did Mustang SVO's get the E-barkes to work because arent they the same calipers?
  5. You know, I just did this with the Lokar ebrake kit. I have the separate SSBC polished caliper and I did get it adjusted just fine. Works for me anyway.

    I waited a long time because I couldn't use the stock equalizer bar set-up because of the xpipe exhaust I have running under the TKO.

    I had the immediate need because the car was being picked up by a trucking company and I didn't want to send it without the ebrake.

    I did it pretty quick so I didn't get a chance to take any pics. It's now on it's way to St Louis.

    The Lokar kit was kinda spendy but I've heard of some guys using fox body ones.

  6. So did you take it on a long test drive before you shipped it? When I adjusted mine in the garage it worked but as soon as I went on a long drive they started to drag because the piston must be manually adjusted out to get the e-brake to work. This increased drag heats up the rotors causing them to expand more closing up the gap causing major overheating and caliper failure.
  7. The initial adjustment will cause drag. But Im assuming it's just the same as adjusting a drum brake system. You adjust it out until it has drag, then they will cut a groove and break in.

    Again I just hooked it up and it worked fine. Your experience may be founded. We'll have to see where it all goes.
  8. I have SSBC brakes on the front and rear and I also have an emergency brake. I am using the original style hand brake (1965).
    I had this installed when the car was built. The builder had to work at it for a while but it does work great and there is none of the drag on the rear caliper that others are mentioning. Personally I wish that I had opted for a tunnel mounted e-brake as I like the look. Instead I mounted my fire extinguisher
    in that location :nice:
  9. Ok.
    I’m getting some mixed signals here.

    MDJay and Steemin do you have the SVO rear brakes?
  10. Easier to show...

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  11. Yeah. Nice setup.

    That is not the SSBC SVO brake kit.
    Steemin do you have the SVO kit?
  12. mdjay: That's not the set up I am referring to. The set up I am referring to the e-brake is built into the single piston caliper.
  13. Well that makes more sense as to the symptoms you were explaining.
  14. I have used the Lokar cables with my ssbc rear disc kit. The rear calipers are 88' t-bird. I used the original mustang pedal type parking brake actuator.
    There is no drag whatsoever. I had to make a custom junction, and mounted it to my subframe connector on the driver side. I am not sure if I took pics, as It was a long and frustrating day! I will take pics, and post them here. Just to set the record straight though. There is absolutely NO Support from SSBC!!!!!
  15. I was not aware that the SSBC brake calipers are the same as the SVO:shrug:

    I have the SSBC 4 wheel disc brake complete system installed on my 65.
    4 piston in front and a single piston in the rear.
    e-brake cable runs to the 65 style (mounted under dash) hand brake lever..
    I have not experienced in issues..
  16. If you ask for replacement brake hoses, or pads for the SSBC single piston ( rear caliper ), they will tell you to go to a parts store and get them for a 88 turbo coupe!
    I had a set of currie axles made for my 70' 9 inch so that I wouldn't have to use the wheel spacer. I bought the SSBC kit in 99', although I don't think it has changed much. I would have to check my notes to find the LOKAR cable kit number. The front OEM parking brake mechanism retains the OEM style front cable. I made a special turnbuckle to attach the parking brake front cable to the Lokar set up. It's a clean, efficient, and functional set up that works! If I could figure out how to post the pics here I'd be glad to share it.
    I had to engineer a lot of other stuff for this car also, like EFI/351C, EPEC, TKO,Slide -a - link, A.C. ect.
  17. OK,
    I’ll have to crawl under my ride and try to see if I can figure out a way to make them work.

    Any pics you guys have would be great.
  18. I can send you pics, but I have not figured a way to post them here yet.
    I can probably save you some agravation.