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  1. Nice.
    Saw Chris this morning. He was doing an estimate in Arundel. He is doing good and still dreaming about his car. The guy that owns it emails him.
    Travis let me know when you are ready for the compression tester.
    That was a empty military 40mm can that I was refering to. Not a can full of 40cal. Their ammo stock is in pretty sad shape also. They have less than Cabelas.
  2. yeah I know you meant the empty can, doubtful to see a full can of ammo at this rate. Probably later on this month once it warms up for good I'll get in touch w/ you and we can do that on a weekend that you dont have much going on. I'll work around your schedule I'm in no rush. I have not stopped by his shop since he re tinted the side windows after the accident w/ the deer I'll prob stop by this spring some time.
  3. whats up boys....... Travis are you gonna have the mustang this year?
  4. alot of gun talk ..... should I be scared... lol
  5. only be scared if you tried to break in lol. Not sure about the Mustang yet. Depends on the compression test. If its not that then maybe the issue is cam related and I'll have to look more closely there. I just know there is a problem in there somewhere. Other then that I need to get the power steering leak fixed, not sure exactly where it is coming from yet if its a fitting or lose line but other then that I have to get the fenders rolled b/c the rear passenger side tire is now rubbing on the inside of the fender and shaving the outside of my tire when I hit bumps. I'll take pics of my trashed Nitto later on today and post it up. I needed new ones anyway but not good to be shaving rubber off the sidewall
  6. Checked the port alignment today between the lower and the heads. Its off just by a little but not enough to explain what the real issue is. I think it still lies somewhere in the Timing, Compression or camshaft.
  7. Have you developed new problems since last year? I guess im lost as to whats going on
  8. with the monster CNC ported heads and long tubes it barley made anymore power then the previous combo with smaller heads and shorty exhaust. Never pulled north of 350. It was not tuned but regardless it's missing a lot of power. it does not even pull hard at all. A tune is only going to pick up 20-30 at the wheels with a NA set up like mine and this combo should be pulling in the 430ish range once tuned.

    Bryan if your available either next saturday / sunday or the weekend after would work for me. I just sent the chip out to a forum member who does custom tuning and hes going to take a look at the map and see if there is anything weird going on there. Other then that I think I'll do a leak down test on it since it tells a bit more then just a compression test. I'll prob end up buying one but I'll also get a piston stop so we can actually verify TDC
  9. I'll see whats going on in the next couple of weeks. I do know the Biddeford gun show is on the 27 and 28th. I do want to go to that.
  10. oh that sounds like fun, might have to go to that
  11. Sent my chip out to a few days ago to a forum member off another site that offered to take a look at it for me to see if there was anything weird going on with it. He got back to me today and in a nut shell my tune is completely ****. He said if it was tuned right it could take 5* more timing and a half a point more fuel. Basically pete is an fíng moron. No wonder Mike melted a piston in his cobra.
  12. Ouch. That sucks. So can you get a new chip with a good tune.
  13. Ive always had an odd feeling about him with tuning. Dont know why as ive never had anything done by him. Who are you going to have write you a tune?
  14. Its funny how close to home this post is. I got to see my cobra tune in black and white and broken down into laymans terms for me. Lets just say I was lucky no damage occurred and I was so mad I wanted to kick that other tuners ass.....
  15. Right now keith is just looking over everything on the chip. He does a lot of tuning him self and has a good rep around the site. Hes in RI but said he takes trips to NED and said he would come up sometime and do some tuning on my car like on the injector settings with his quarter horse. Here is the thread I made, what he had to say about the tune is on page 2 if you want to skip to it. A lot of it I dont understand at all but I'm sure it makes more sense to you bryan. Fred I fully agree with you. The way he had my car tuned was not to make power at all, he adjusted my A/F and timing and that was it. I paid for a custom tune not a half ass job.
  16. all i can say is wow.....
  17. apparently my ECM thought my engine had 157 CI b/c of the way pete had it all set up.
  18. Bryan if you still wanted to come by this weekend / next weekend let me know. Not as much of a need to go the compression test now that this info has been found out about the tune but if your not busy and wanted to come by for the hell of it let me know. If not its no big deal b/c I think the tune is going to end up being the root of most of my issues.
  19. This weekend doesnt look good . You want to go to the gun show the following weekend?